Head over Heels

Head over Heels (2001)


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Jade: So Mr. Alfredo, you need models?
Alfredo: Well what the hell have I been saying?
Roxana: Well what the hell do we look like?

Amanda: I searched his apartment and I know him... intimately.
Roxana: Honey, you left the blinds open. We all know him intimately.

Jade: Lemme just say, if he hadn't washed his hands this investigation would be over right here.

Gladys: I'm gonna have red beans for dinner.

Candi: No props in charades! No props and no clothes! Uncle Pete's rules.
Roxana: Ew.
Jade: No more stories from the dark farm, OK Candi?

Amanda: Why don't you have a badge?
Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: Because I'm undercover.
Amanda: Well Hey! You know what? I'm undercover too! Did you want to see my badge? Oopsie! I don't have one.

Jade: I'm getting hives just from being around these ugly people.

Roxana: And remember, turn on the headlights.

Amanda: He's got some fatal flaw.
Candi: How do you know that?
Amanda: I'm attracted to him.

Amanda: Why are you talking to your therapist about me?
Jade: She says I talk too much about myself.

Holly: We have a lot of people interested, so what is it that you do?
Amanda: Oh, I work.
Holly: You work? I like you! Did I mention you're in the lead for the apartment?

Revealing mistake: The blonde model, who is always getting surgery done to change her body, one day has two eye patches on. If you look closely, you can see the eye patches have peep holes, made to look invisible to viewers, but she was falling all over the place and bumping into things and said she couldn't see.

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