15 Minutes

15 Minutes (2001)

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Eddie Flemming (De Niro) is killed by Emil and Oleg, who records the entire struggle. They sell the video to Top Story's Robert Hawkins (Grammer) who broadcasts it on national television (despite its brutal content) so he can benefit from the ratings. Emil becomes stubborn and claims that it is all his work, and Oleg who gets infuriated by this, takes his video camera, stabs Emil in the arm and then flees. Jordy (Burns) shows up and kidnaps Emil. He takes him to a warehouse where he threatens to kill him, but the cops arrive and take Emil. When Emil is about to be sent to a mental hospital, Oleg appears out of nowhere presenting evidence that Emil isn't insane. Oleg attempts to kill Emil, but ends up getting shot himself. Jordy kills Emil. Robert Hawkins attempts to convince Jordy to become allies with him like Eddie was. Jordy hits him and walks off.


Continuity mistake: Late in the movie, Jordy is pacing in his apartment. The bandage on his left arm changes several times from being loosely wrapped with gauze hanging, to tightly wrapped, then back to loosely wrapped, then just to his hand being wrapped.

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Emil Slovak: I can kill you - I'm insane.

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