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Mercury Rising (1998)

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Corrected entry: A message encrypted with Mercury is shown in the email to the Einstein account. The message does not look like it has been produced with a proper encryption algorithm since there are long sequences of letters that are repeated (e.g. GSDX2BYAC52...). A property of all encryption, regardless of algorithm, is by definition that the output be random. (01:06:40)


Correction: Encrypted content does not need to be random. ROT13, for example, is an encryption algorithm.

Corrected entry: When we see Emily cycling home we hear the sound effect of a bell but her bike doesn't have one. (01:23:30)


Correction: As we see Emily enter the house, if you look at the bike handle by her right hand, the bells hammer is visible between the handle and brake lever. The bell was camoflagued against the brake handle assembly.

Corrected entry: When trying to get into the Einstein email account, Jeffries suggests using the password "E equals MC squared, all caps". If the FBI only accepts uppercase characters then he doesn't need to qualify his suggestion. If the FBI is sensible and allows lowercase letters then Jeffries suggestion is incorrect; the 'm' and the 'c' in the equation stand for mass and the speed of light respectively and these conventionally are represented by lower case letters. (01:06:00)


Correction: This is a character choice; it is reasonable that Jeffries is unfamiliar with how to correctly write an equation, and reasonable that the password is in all caps to make it harder to guess. He's just lucky.

Corrected entry: in the beginning, Bruce Willis is holding the boy who's been shot by the FBI. You see clearly the blood gushing between his hands. Later in the movie, you see the same sequence in a memory. The blood gushing is gone, however. (00:08:10 - 00:41:55)

Correction: When Willis is in the car he is dreaming the kid being shot. Dreams are never accurate.

Continuity mistake: When Bruce is covering the boy while trains are passing either side of them, at first he has his right hand on top of the boy's head. Then in the next shot he has his hand to the side of his head in a different position. The film cuts back and forth between these shots.

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