Young Guns 2

Billy (Emilio Estevez) is shot by Pat Garrett (William Petersen) in Mexico but then the next day he realizes his horse is missing... so did Billy really die? Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh (Christian Slater) is killed in Mexico. Pat Garrett's book about Billy the Kid is a failure and he dies in 1908. In 1950, Brushy Bill Roberts asks for a pardon from the governor of New Mexico but Roberts is discredited. A few months later, Roberts dies. To this day, it's unknown if Roberts really was Billy the Kid...


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In the scene when Billy is shooting Doc's handcuffs, Billy's revolver changes several times, shot by shot. Watch for the front sight to appear and disappear between the POV Doc shot and the medium distance shot, and for the entire finish of the gun to change at least twice.



John Chisum convinces Pat Garrett to accept a job as the new Lincoln County sheriff. James Coburn (Chisum) himself played Garrett in the Sam Peckinpah movie "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid."