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Factual error: When Maurizio notices Patrizia peeking at him from behind the law book, you get a look at the bottom shelves of the store. A large book bears the title "Come funziona la psicologia", Italian version of a Jo Hemmings book from 2019. The scene is set in 1978. (00:08:30)


Factual error: The name of the truck company owned by Patrizia's stepfather is "Corriere F. Reggiani." It's not a fitting name for his company, since we see the company fleet is made of flatbed trucks, and "corriere" in Italy is the express delivery courier. Later in the movie there's a movie prop that accidentally shows on screen an article about the real life story, and the name of the company is "Autotrasporti F.Reggiani", which would be the correct, and actual, name.


Factual error: In the opening view of the lunch where Maurizio's father meets Patrizia and is less than impressed by her, an elderly lady is reading a newspaper. On the newspaper there' s the ad for "Il profumo del potere", which is the Italian version of TV miniseries/soap "Bare essence", judging from the photo the two-part, 4-hour version. It came out in Italy in December 1983, and the scene is set in the late '70s. (00:15:15)


Factual error: Patrizia Reggiani signs a series of bank cheques from March 1978. The same evening she goes to a party. First song playing; "On the radio", released in late 1979. Second one (when he meets the dorky Gucci heir behind the bar); "Anna" by Miguel Bosé, released in 1978, yes, but around November. When she convinces him to dance, the main song played is "Love to love you baby", which is appropriate being from 1975, but before switching to it, for a few seconds you can hear the riff from "Bad Girl", again a Donna Summer hit, released both as a single and part of the album only in 1979.


Factual error: The first and second scenes are set on the same day in 1978. The second scene at the party features 2 Donna Summer songs (On the radio and Bad girls). Both songs were not released until 1979.

Factual error: The movie begins on March 1978 (date on the bank cheques that Patrizia signs). She meets Maurizio at the party that evening and, after 2 years they are married. All good, except for the fact that in reality, Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani's wedding took place on October 27,1972.


Factual error: When Aldo and Maritzio are doing dishes in Maritzio's apartment there is an LED light bulb sitting in a glass on the shelf. It is slightly larger than the standard light bulb and wouldn't have been available at the time the movie takes place.

Factual error: In the scene after the "stealing" argument with Paola, Patrizia asks her indifferent husband "Do you like my hair?" He's reading a page from "Il Foglio." First, it can't be the actual newspaper because it literally means "The Sheet" and its format is exactly that, a single page and he's reading a large bundle of pages, but more importantly, "Il Foglio" was founded in 1996, after Gucci's death. (01:43:55)


Factual error: When Paolo insults Maurizio and Patrizia after the disaster at his fashion show, in the background there's a street sign (a red and blue circle with a cross) which was introduced only in 1992. The scene is set in 1986. (01:25:50)


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Continuity mistake: When Patrizia paints her phone number on the scooter's windshield the numbers change between shots, check the 5 for example.

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Patrizia Reggiani: Gucci needs new blood. It's time to take out the trash.
Maurizio Gucci: But they're my family.
Patrizia Reggiani: So am I.

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Question: Did the Guccis ever own a Klimt painting, were they not in the Netherlands until 1998? Were they not Nazi plunder?

Answer: No.

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