Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho (2021)


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Sandie: You can't save me! Save yourself.

Eloise: I know what you did.
Silver Haired Gentleman: I've done a lot of things, Eloise. You're gonna have to be more specific, luv.

Silver Haired Gentleman: When you see Alex in whatever little hell she's carved out for herself, you tell her I said hello.

Eloise: Has a woman ever died in my room?
Ms Collins: This is London. Someone has died in every room in every building and on every street corner in the city.

Eloise: Do you believe in ghosts?

Jocasta: Happy Halloween, lovebirds.

Trivia: Director/Co-Writer Edgar Wright was partially inspired by his own obsession with the "Swinging Sixties" growing up, as he would listen to his parents tell him stories about the decade. However, he also always knew that the decade wasn't perfect by any means, and sought to make the film also a warning about the dangers of having too much nostalgia, stating: "In a way, the film is about romanticizing the past and why it's... wrong to do that."


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