Belly (1998)


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Directed by: Hype Williams

Starring: DMX, Hassan Johnson, Nas, Taral Hicks

Genres: Crime, Drama

Movie Quote Quiz

Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: That's your word? Nigga suck my dick.

Sincere: When you fuck with guns shorty, it's always the coolest niggaz who fuck around and get murdered.

Sincere: Yo, when's the last time you read anything, man?
Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: Never, motherfucker.

Kisha: Not only she know you but she said she sucked your little black dingaling last night! So what you got to say now huh?
Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: Bitch is lyin.

Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: What the fuck is wrong with this nigga? That's your man. That's your man.

Lennox: Who wants to romp with bumbaclot?

Rico: I don't like that shit. Don't like that shit one bit.

Shameek: Knowledge Born, What's the science baby?

Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: When it rains, niggas get wet. You know? Dawg, you the only one I got in my corner, man. Don't cross me.
Sincere: I got you.
Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: One.

Rico: Might have to drop 'em. Might have to drop a dime on them niggas.

Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: What?
Knowledge: What the fuck you mean, what?

Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: Come on with the bullshit, man. You think another motherfucker know what you need to do? Ain't no purpose, dawg. It's money. We born to fucking die, man. In the meantime, get money. Fuck a book, man.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where DMX is with the two younger guys for dinner and one of them shoots the other, when he drops down on the table his arms fall off the table, but in the next shot they're neatly rested on top of the table.

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