The Whole Nine Yards

Corrected entry: Just before the main shootout, Jill appears in the doorway naked, with her hands behind her back (presumably holding a gun). When they cut back to her both her hands are in front of her - although off the screen on the bottom - and the bad guys don't see she had a gun? She then proceeds to shoot the last bad guy. If she didn't have the gun initially where did she pull it from?

Correction: If Amanda Peet were standing bare-breasted in front of most any male, it's highly unlikely they would notice anything in her hands (or that she even had hands).

Kevin Hall

Corrected entry: They manipulate the undercover cop's teeth, put him in the car and burned him. However, the undercover cop is found in a quite good shape by the two cops in Jimmy's house, the next day.

Correction: They didn't find the cop (Hanson) in Jimmy's house. They found the bodies of Janni Gogolak's henchmen. What they identified as Hanson's were his car and his tape recorder.

Corrected entry: After Jimmy shoots the undercover cop Frankie carries him into the house and seems to drop him right on the floor, but if you rewind it slowly you can see a blue mat that he actually falls on.

Correction: After twenty minutes of slow, rewinding and all other tricks I could think of I will have to disagree. In fact you never see the floor, where he lands. The cut is from waist and up almost the entire shot.

Corrected entry: When the dead undercover cop is sitting in the dentist chair, Nick grabs his face and swings it around so they're facing each other. Look closely and watch the dead cop's eyes move as he focuses on Nick's face for a second.

Correction: Simply not true. Not once does his eyes move.

Corrected entry: Oz's wife never smokes her cigarette. For instance, watching their new neighbour on the porch, she blows out no smoke, raised the cigarette to her mouth for a second and then does another fake, smokeless blow.

Correction: You cannot know for certain that this is a 'mistake' and not done deliberately. It could very well be done on purpose, to make the point that she would only seem like a person who smoked to be cool, but never inhaled, as she didn't really enjoy it.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Oz is driving to his dental clinic, he crosses the Jacques Cartier bridge heading south towards Longueuil. However, when he arrives at work, his office is actually located in Old Montreal. I figure they did this just to be able to show the bridge and get that slow pan shot across the Montreal skyline.

Correction: He's actually driving towards Montréal. Notice that La Ronde is shown in back, then the cantilever part of the bridge which Oz is driving towards. It then shows Mount Royal and the skyline, which is all part of Montréal where he's driving to.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Jill jumps into Jimmy's arms she tells Oz that Cynthia is waiting for him and that he would know where. The where is the airport, but there is nothing during the movie that would indicate that he would know that.

Correction: The whole point of this is to show how well Oz knows her.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film, after Jimmy shoots Frankie on the boat 5 or 6 times, they cut to a far shot of the boat with Frankie's back to the camera. You can see him jump up to clear the rail when he falls back into the ocean.

Correction: There is no jump. Micheal Clark Duncan is a big man and the railing is up to his waist. After his upper body cleared the railing, his momentum would have carried his feet as well.

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Continuity mistake: When Bruce Willis first comes into contact with Michael Clark Duncan - in the hotel room MCD takes his sunglasses off but when he gives BW a hug they are on but when he steps back they are off again. (00:41:40)

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Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski: I'm gonna keep the coke and the fries but I'm gonna send this burger back. And if you put any mayonnaise on it, I'm gonna come over to your house, I'll chop your legs off, set fire to your house, and watch as you drag your bloody stumps out the door.

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Trivia: Matthew Perry bet Bruce Willis that if the film would open at the top of the charts in the US (which it did) he would have to guest in an episode of Friends for free (which he did, plus all further episode payments were given to charity).

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