Question: Why did the Baroness kill Estella's adoptive mother? Why not just give her money and whatever help she needed?


Answer: The Baroness probably thought that if she gave Estella's adoptive mother money and help that time, she would keep asking for more and more money under threat of revealing the secret that the Baroness was the girl's real mother. Killing her meant one less person who knew her secret and could hold it over her.

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Factual error: When Cruella as a child makes her way to London and crosses the zebra/pedestrian crossing, there are visible zig zag markings. These however were not introduced until 1971 in England, which is the time period when Cruella is older.

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Horace: [As Artie punches one of the Baroness' guards in the face] I had him!
Artie: Did you, though?

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Trivia: Once the ending credits roll, there is an extra scene where Pongo and Perdita (the Dalmatians) are delivered to the lawyer Roger and reporter Anita respectively as gifts from Cruella. Roger sings the famous Cruella DeVille song from the original Disney movie.

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