Trivia: Chloe Zhao won the Academy Award for Best Director for this movie. Zhao became the first Asian woman and the first woman of colour to win the Award.

Continuity mistake: There are some continuity problems during the cafeteria scene where Fern is being introduced to her co-workers. Fern is holding a banana, peeled almost to the bottom, and has several slices of banana on her peanut butter sandwich. There is another banana peel on her paper lunch bag. Fern is shown taking a bite of her sandwich. A little later, Fern is holding a partially peeled banana but no slices can be seen on her sandwich. If this is her second sandwich, she already peeled two bananas. (00:05:59 - 00:06:32)


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Makenzie: My mom says that you're homeless, is that true?
Fern: No, I'm not homeless. I'm just house-less. Not the same thing, right?

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