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Continuity mistake: There are some continuity problems during the cafeteria scene where Fern is being introduced to her co-workers. Fern is holding a banana, peeled almost to the bottom, and has several slices of banana on her peanut butter sandwich. There is another banana peel on her paper lunch bag. Fern is shown taking a bite of her sandwich. A little later, Fern is holding a partially peeled banana but no slices can be seen on her sandwich. If this is her second sandwich, she already peeled two bananas. (00:05:59 - 00:06:32)


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Dolly: You know, when you were growing up, you were eccentric to other people. You maybe seemed weird, but it was just because you were braver and more honest than everybody else. And you could see me when I was hiding from everybody. And sometimes you could see me before I saw myself. I needed that in my life. And you are my sister. I would have loved having you around all these years. You left a big hole by leaving.
Fern: That one's on me.

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Trivia: Chloe Zhao won the Academy Award for Best Director for this movie. Zhao became the first Asian woman and the first woman of colour to win the Award.

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