Army of the Dead

Factual error: There is no way in hell they can carry $200,000,000 in cash (over 4,000lbs), let alone load it on the helicopter.


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Suggested correction: They never did and it was never the idea. They simply didn't figure out it's not physically possible. They took as much as they could from the vault in the much more limited time they had, and never got any of it to the helicopter (except for 1 small stack) anyway.


It's true that the team was not meant to recover all the money, but they didn't know that going in. How did Ward and Peters, who seem reasonably smart, not consider the weight when planning the heist? The deal Ward believed was "get paid $50 million to recover $200 million" not "grab what you can and good luck"

I suppose it could be counted as a stupidity, but I'm not sure anyone is really aware of the weight of 200 million in cash, even reasonably smart people. Never seen it, never weighed it.


Factual error: Another dumb movie trope. In the opening scene, when the car and the army vehicle collide, they both instantly explode into a giant fireball, as if they were both made of dynamite that had been soaked in gasoline.


Plot hole: Unless Tanaka is lying, the fact that aircraft cannot fly INTO Las Vegas but can fly OUT of Las Vegas makes absolutely no sense. The whole point of a quarantine zone is to keep people INSIDE.


Revealing mistake: While Martin is being mauled on the ground by Valentine the zombie tiger, he is being thrown up and down and side to side. There are a few seconds where the tiger takes a small break and watches him try to crawl away, but his body is still swaying around as if he still being grabbed by the tiger, but the tiger is not touching him; they did not match the animations of the tiger with the physical acting of the actor properly.

Trivia: When the gang first get into Vegas (I think before the first one dies), they pass a billboard advertising a magician named Larry Fong. Fong is a longtime collaborator of Zack Snyder, being his cinematographer on BvS, 300 and Watchmen, and is also a licensed magician.

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