Walking Tall

Corrected entry: The movie was based on the original Walking Tall trilogy made in the '70's. There are several notable scenes that mimic the original, such as the truck being torn apart, the big stick, and the blowing up of the hero's vehicle. Differences however include changes in names and locations. The original movie was the true story of Buford Pusser, who we see memorialized at the beginning of the credits.

Sol Parker

Correction: The fact that this movie was based on the original isn't really trivia, as it was marketed as a remake and shares the same film title.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Chris originally goes into the casino, he takes a 2x4 piece of wood, but in court, when he takes the wood marked "evidence" and says, "This is mine," it's a 2x2 piece of wood.

Correction: The piece of wood Chris use's is a 4x4 thats what he is used in the casino and thats what Chris picked up in court.

Corrected entry: In the shotgun shootout near the end, the bad guy misses and shoots the laptop computer sitting on the desk. However the "shot" creates only a single hole on the screen of the laptop, hinting at a single special effects charge. At that range the shot would have definitely spread.

Correction: The "shot" would not have spread if it was from a shot gun slug. None of the other shot lead you to believe they were from standard shot gun shells. Hunters use slugs to kill deer so if they were going to kill something large (human) they would probably use slugs.

Corrected entry: After Deni fires the last shot in her pistol, she continues to pull the trigger and the gun continues to click. However, this would not happen in a single-action semi-automatic like the Glock she is firing.

Correction: Unless the slide is back on the Glock, it will keep clicking as long as you squeeze the trigger.

Corrected entry: Johnny Knoxville says to The Rock that he went 'down to Seattle,' establishing that they are north of it - a fact supported by the environment (trees, hill slopes, etc.). But later, when The Rock is elected Sheriff, the cars are labeled 'Kitsap County', which is west of Seattle and across the Puget Sound. Kitsap County also does not look like their surroundings - it is flatter, more urbanized, and contains two major Navy bases.

Rooster of Doom

Correction: Going down to town is a term we North Westerners use. It has nothing to do with location or elevation. Just a phrase.

Sol Parker

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