Waiting to Exhale

Continuity mistake: When Gloria is confronting her "baby's daddy", her earrings keep disappearing and reappearing.

Continuity mistake: When Bernie is having her tirade as she is loading her husband's clothes into the car, her hair alternates between straight with waves and straight with defined curls on the side of her face.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Robin and Michael are about to make love, Robin supposedly removes her underwear and throws them on the floor. As Michael climbs on top of her, you can see that she still has on her underwear and tries to cover herself with a blanket.

Continuity mistake: When Robin and Michael are in bed and Michael is putting on a condom, the bedspread is pulled up to Robin's chest. When Michael finishes and looks over to Robin, her left arm is now crooked behind her head.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Continuity mistake: When Bernie is on her bed reading the letter from the man she met in the bar, her daughter points to the glass ceiling and says "look mama, God has stopped crying" as the rain stops. In the next scene, Bernie and the daughter are still on the bed and there is a window behind Bernie and the rain is still coming down.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Bernadine Harris: The worst thing is that he made me move out here where my children are in school with only one other black kid so they won't be improperly influenced. Well, guess what John, YOU'RE the motherfuckin' improper influence! Get your shit! Get your shit! And, get out.

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