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SID 6.7: They love you so much, they want you dead... Ed.

Karin Carter: Do you think it's important for a first baseman to be left-handed?

SID 6.7: Just because I'm carrying around the joy of killing your family inside me doesn't mean we can't be friends.

Lindenmeyer: Oh my god.
SID 6.7: Which god would that be? The one who created you? Or the one who created me? You see, in your world, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, but in my world, the one who gave me life doesn't have any balls.

Clyde Reilly: Sheila?
SID 6.7: No. I'm Oedipus.

SID 6.7: Ahhh... I'm losing too much of myself.

SID 6.7: Hey buddy! How's the wife and kid? Still dead, huh?

Continuity mistake: Right after Sid comes to life he cuts his finger off. When you see the actual cut, it is just the tip of the finger, but when you see his hand afterwards, it is more than half the finger that is missing.

Jacob La Cour

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