Other mistake: Whilst Barnes is trying to disable the bomb, he uses one of the wires from his arm to try and loop the video and timer on the bomb. After he connects the wire the timer countdown changes from 0:03 to 0:43 and the loop of Sid saying "I already thought of that, faster." Barnes immediately comments its not working, before seeing it countdown again to 0:03 and resetting to 0:43, now commenting it's working. The fact that the timer reset the first time, it seems strange he wouldn't comment the timer didn't work the first time. There is a strong likelihood this was done to cover up not having a shot to insert of the timer continuing to count down.

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Other mistake: At the club, Sid likes the blue suit and takes it. But he is still wearing the suit he came in when Denzel's character shows up and is not carrying the blue suit as he leaves. If he somehow had it concealed on him it would have been shot up when he was thoroughly shoot. Yet when we next see Sid he is wearing the blue suit and there is not a mark on it.


Continuity mistake: Right after Sid comes to life he cuts his finger off. When you see the actual cut, it is just the tip of the finger, but when you see his hand afterwards, it is more than half the finger that is missing.

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SID 6.7: Hey buddy! How's the wife and kid? Still dead, huh?

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