Very Bad Things

Kyle Fischer (Jon Favreau) is about to get married to the manipulative perfectionist, Laura (Cameron Diaz), who puts him through an agonizing series of wedding preparations. Kyle's friend Robert Boyd (Christian Slater), organizes the bachelor party. Although Laura doesn't approve, Kyle, Boyd, and their friends Charles Moore (Leland Orser), Michael Berkow (Jeremy Piven), and Adam Berkow (Daniel Stern) head to Las Vegas for a night of booze, drugs, and debauchery. The night is going perfectly until the stripper shows up. Michael pays to have sex with her, and while they go at it in the bathroom, Michael accidentally slips, and the stripper impales her head on a towel hook, which kills her instantly. The men panic, and everyone but Boyd believes they should call 911. Boyd opts to bury the body in the desert, and eventually convinces the others. Shortly after their agreement, a security guard shows up in the room, and when he sees the body, Boyd kills him with a corkscrew. The group cleans up the bloody mess, chops up the bodies, and burys them out in the Las Vegas desert, making a pact among themselves to never tell a soul about what happened. When they return home however, Adam's guilty conscience begins to get the best of him, and paranoia begins to run rampant in everything he does. This leads to an unpleasant confrontation between the guys which results in Michael accidentally killing Adam with his car. Michael is devastated with guilt over this accident, and seems ready to blurt out the truth at any second, causing Boyd to get nervous. Adam's wife Lois finds an incomplete confession about the men's actions in Vegas, and confronts the others about what happened. Although they come up with the logical alibi that Adam had slept with a hooker in Vegas, Lois doesn't completely buy it. Suspecting that Lois knows something about the events in Vegas, Boyd kills her and Michael, setting it up as a love triangle gone wrong between them and Adam. Kyle and Laura are left with the custody of Adam and Lois' kids. Kyle confesses the crimes he and his friends committed to Laura. She doesn't really care, as long as nothing screws up her wedding. When Boyd tries to blackmail Kyle at his wedding, things get violent between them, and Laura beats Boyd nearly to death with a coat rack. After being knocked down some stairs by Moore, he dies. Laura orders Kyle to dispose of all the bodies and to kill Moore, his only remaining friend, and their dog. While burying the bodies, Kyle is about to kill Moore and the dog, but doesn't go through with it. On the drive home, their car collides with a truck. Kyle loses his legs, Moore becomes a brain-damaged, wheelchair confined vegetable, and the dog loses a leg. Laura is left to take care of them, as well as Adam and Lois' orphaned, hyperactive, and crippled kids. She has a mental breakdown and runs into the street, screaming and sobbing.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Christian Slater is about to show the house to the perspective buyers, the man has dark colored sunglasses on, then when it pans back to him, his glasses are clear, and finally when the camera returns again to the couple he has his dark colored glasses on again.

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Robert Boyd: Time for some serious self-exploration - how do I function. For real! No more bullshit. Can I keep my cool when they bounce my bananas, when they won't play my song, etc, etc, etc. Do you get me? DO you GET ME?
Michael Berkow: Not really, no.

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