Very Bad Things

Very Bad Things (1998)

Ending / spoiler

Suspecting that Lois knows something about the events in Vegas, Boyd kills her and Michael, setting it up as a love triangle gone wrong between them and Adam, who Michael accidentally killed. Kyle confesses the crimes he and his friends committed to Laura. She doesn't really care, as long as nothing screws up her wedding. When Boyd tries to blackmail Kyle at his wedding, things get violent between them, and Laura beats Boyd nearly to death with a coat rack. After being knocked down some stairs, he dies. Laura orders Kyle to dispose of all the bodies and to kill Moore, his only remaining friend, and their dog. While burying the bodies, Kyle is about to kill Moore and the dog, but doesn't go through with it. On the drive home, their car collides with a truck. Kyle loses his legs, Moore becomes a brain-damaged, wheelchair confined vegetable, and the dog loses a leg. Laura is left to take care of them, as well as Adam and Lois' orphaned, hyperactive, and crippled kids. She has a mental breakdown and runs into the street, screaming and sobbing.




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In the scene where Michael (Jeremy Piven) kills his brother Adam in the parking lot, you can see that when he pulls out of the parking space, he turns his vehicle around. The camera cuts from an outside view (where Adam's minivan is) to inside Mike's car. If you watch, Mike turns his steering wheel to the left but his car turns to the right when the camera switches back.