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Corrected entry: In Madeleine's suicide attempt scene, the plot line gives us to understand that she drove herself to San Francisco Bay alone in her own car before jumping in. After Scottie rescues her, he places her, unconscious, into his car and takes her to his apartment. She awakens some time later, and during a telephone call between Scottie and Elster, she dresses and gets into her car and leaves the scene. There is no explanation of how her car got from the suicide attempt location to Scottie's apartment. She could have taken a taxi or thumbed a ride, but she did neither, since she is shown driving away in her own car.

Correction: Madeleine drives her own green 1957 Jaguar Mk III to the San Francisco Bay and Scottie follows her in his 1956 De Soto Sportsman Hardtop. Madeleine parks her Jag close to the water's edge and Scottie parks his De Soto much further back. After Scottie rescues Madeleine from the water, it is very clear that he places her into the green Jag in order to drive her back to his apartment. He likely chose her car as it was much closer than his own.

Larry Kohut

Corrected entry: When Scottie reveals his first investigation of Madeleine to Elster in the men's club, Elster recounts the history of his wife saying that her great-grandmother was the mad Carlotta. But when he sums up the story at the end of the scene he says it was her grandmother.

Correction: He says Carlotta was Madeline's great-grandmother. Then he says that Carlotta's child was Madeline's grandmother. The two things are consistent.

Corrected entry: When Scottie (James Stewart) and Madeleine (Kim Novack) are driving down the San Francisco Peninsula to the Spanish Mission, a back projection mistake has them driving on the left side of the road. (01:11:50)

Correction: That particular section of US 101, just west of Hollister, CA, is a divided highway, 2 lanes on each side, with very tall trees on either side and on the median.

Corrected entry: Carlotta's gravestone in Mission Dolores says "Dec 3 1831 - Mar 5 1857". So she was 25 when she died. But Elster later says to Scottie "Madeleine is 26, Carlotta Valdes committed suicide when she was 26".

rabid anarchist

Correction: A character mistake: Elster remembered and considered only the years in question as most of us would do.


Corrected entry: When Mr. Elster is telling Scottie that his wife's car showed she drove 94 miles on the speedometer, he should have said odometer.

Correction: This should be classified as a "Character Mistake."

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Correction: The fact that he said speedometer instead of odometer isn't a movie mistake. He simply misspoke, which is something people do all the time.

Corrected entry: How does it happen that Madeleine/Judy is able to enter the McKittrick Hotel unnoticed by the manager, and leave unnoticed by either Scottie or the manager? So far as I could tell this was not explained by the fact we subsequently learn that she was an actress posing as Madeleine, as there should in any case have been someone in the room when they checked, and her car can't have got away on its own.

Correction: Madeleine/Judy could have slipped into the front entrance and snuck upstairs when the manager was busy, had her back turned, or was away from the desk for a few moments. Madeleine could have stayed in the room just long enough for Scotty to see her from the outside, then gone down a back staircase (quite common in an old building like this) and left in her car while Scotty and the manager were otherwise occupied. It was a bit risky, but it was possible.

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Madeleine: Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere.

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