Urban Legends: Final Cut

Plot hole: The black guy who is murdered in the Tunnel of Death is hit in the head with a pickaxe. The coroner should have discovered the wound from this, which would have sparked a proper investigation into the deaths, which may have led to the killer being caught earlier.


Plot hole: When the professor put Travis' credits on the film he left in place of the real thing, some of the differences between film and credits would be very noticeable. For example, Sandra would be listed as having acted in the film, when she obviously wouldn't have been in the new film.


Continuity mistake: When they are filming, the main girl says they're finished and when the lesbian girls asks her what's wrong, she has documents in her hand. In the next shot they're gone, then in the next shot they're back again.

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Amy Mayfield: Reese, I must have dropped the tape. Did you see it?
Reese: I looked, but I didn't see no tape, just yo' crazy white ass down in the sewer.

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