Urban Legends: Final Cut

Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

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Corrected entry: No matter how hard they tried, there's no way Pendleton could have covered up a killing spree like Brenda's. One of the 6 families who lost children would have said something to the media, if not Reese herself.


Correction: Not true. Money talks. And if the school paid the families enough, it would not be tough at all to cover up 6 murders. Reese herself explains in the movie what happened to her.

Corrected entry: Unless a lot of people died offscreen, there's no way the Professor killed everyone who worked on Travis' film. Look at the amount of people working on Amy and Toby's films - there would have been more than 8 people who would have recognised the film when the Professor sold it.


Correction: The Professor may not have finished killing everyone yet, or as you've stated, the more minor cast members may have been slaughtered off-screen.

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Corrected entry: When Amy and Vanessa are lured into the tower, a mannequin is dropped from above to scare them into running up the stairs. The killer then emerges from a downstairs room to chase them, so who dropped the mannequin?

Correction: He could have had it hanging from a rope and had it dropped or he could have rigged it drop at a cetain time.

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Correction: In the first shot the mobile lands on its side. In the next shot it's flat on the floor. It could have easily fallen over due to everyone running around.

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Corrected entry: In another scene involving Amy and Vanessa, the killer comes out. Instead of going out the door they run up miles of stairs to get to the top with no exit.

Correction: This is obviously the only way for them to go - they can't get past the killer to get out of the door. They are also running in fear and panic and may not be thinking correctly.

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Corrected entry: When Amy's being chased by the killer, she falls into the water. Now, when she gets "under" the killer, she is wet. Considering the fact that it is cold water, and there is a murderer after her. She is not shivering at all. Not from cold nor fear.

Correction: It's not a mistake to not shiver.

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Corrected entry: When the girl loses her kidney she calls for police, but the dispatcher doesn't believe her and hangs up. This wouldn't happen because no matter what they have to send the police to investigate.

Correction: In most cases, yes, that's true. But there were several cases recently where the dispatcher didn't believe the caller, resulting in death.

Corrected entry: Where does the killer in the teaser get his knives from? He leaves 3 sticking out of various victims, yet still has one left to attack Sandra with.


Correction: The killer is a flight attendant. He's using the knives that would be in the kitchenette area for preparing meals.

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Corrected entry: When Reese is in the car with Amy, she tells her a story about a campus serial killer who murdered eight students (The plot of Urban Legend). However in that film Brenda kills only six students, her other two victims are faculty members [Could be that the character didn't have the story straight.]

Correction: You have it right on: the character didn't have the story straight. One thing about urban legends is that they often change from telling to telling to the point where they are quite different from the original.

Corrected entry: In one scene Amy is attacked. She has video tapes in her bag showing a death. She chucks her bag with one of the tapes in it to distract the killer. She runs away, he eventually gets the other tape but not the one in the bag - wouldn't that show the evidence?

Correction: She mentions the other tape to Reese, so she remembers it but doesn't have it any more. This implies that the killer doubled back before her and took her bag.


Continuity mistake: In the scene in the mine, when the killer attacks the black guy, his miner's light is knocked off. A few seconds later when it switches back to him, he's wearing it again.

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Amy Mayfield: Reese, I must have dropped the tape. Did you see it?
Reese: I looked, but I didn't see no tape, just yo' crazy white ass down in the sewer.

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