Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy (1980)

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Corrected entry: When John Travolta is about to get on the mechanical bull for the first time the bull operator asks if he is right or left-handed - he says right, so the guy gives him a left handed glove. This makes no sense, because the prisoner who is a real bull rider is right handed and he also rides right handed. I don't remember but I believe Travolta rides with his right hand anyway.

Correction: In bull riding you ride with the opposite hand that you are,i.e. if you are right handed you would ride with your left.

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Bud: What does your daddy do?
Pam: Daddy does oil - and all that that implies.



The movie is supposed to have been filmed and taken place exclusively in Pasadena, TX, and MOST of it is. The trailer park that they live in, however, is NOT in Pasadena, or anywhere near there. There are several scenes where they show someone driving into the trailer park, and you can see mountains in the background. There aren't any mountains within hundreds of miles of Pasadena.



Gilley's Night Club actually existed in Pasadena, Texas (was owned by Sherwood Cryer) Some scenes were also filmed at 2200 South Main St, and 2016 South Main St., in Houston, Texas.