Up Close and Personal

Continuity mistake: During the prison revolt, Tally interviews Fernando. How is it possible to cut from Tally to Fernando, when the interview is a live feed with only one cameraman (Nat)?

Continuity mistake: When Warren visits Tally's apartment for the first time, he says something to her just before he is leaving, he then opens the door. The next shot is of Tally - look behind her and in the corner of the room there is a mirror, you can see Warren walking up to the door again and opening it and walking out - 6 seconds after he has already done it.

Factual error: When the bodies wash up on Miami beach, they do a live remote report from the beach. However, the TV station truck that they are riding in is a regular truck that is not equipped with the satellite dish and extension pole necessary to send a live feed back to the station. They had nothing more than a shoulder camera with a wire running from it.

Factual error: When Tally is in the prison and the Live truck loses the picture from her camera, it shows the waveform monitor (black screen monitor that looks kind of like a line graph). If her camera went black, so would that monitor. Instead, it went to the picture you see when the camera goes to color bars.

Continuity mistake: One of Warren's colleagues shows the new weather-custom: a yellow raincoat. In the close-up you see his right hand grabbing a beeper. A second later his hand is near his neck, holding the beeper.

Tally Atwater: What we in the news business can never forget is that we are only as good as the stories we tell.

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