Undercover Blues
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Frank: You said you'd help out a little.
Jeff Blue: Novacek's not "a little," Frank. She's a psycho.

Jeff Blue: Damn! Nothing but money.

Jeff Blue: You know what's funny? That gray van over there.
Jane Blue: Funny ha-ha or funny interesting?

Jeff Blue: You should have seen these guys, complete amateurs. Biggest risk was I'd fall down laughing and hurt myself.

Muerte: My name is Muerte, my name is death.

Frank: The FBI thinks it's organized crime.
Jane Blue: Ah, the FBI thinks everything is organized crime.

Frank: C-22.
Jeff Blue: C-what?
Jane Blue: Plastic explosive. The most powerful plastic ever developed. So unstable even the army won't use it.
Jeff Blue: Oh, that C-22.

Paulina Novacek: You haven't changed. Have I?
Jeff Blue: Only your men.

Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: Where are you from?
Jane Blue: North Adams, Massachusetts. Why?
Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: Just asking.

Jeff Blue: I never get to be the bad cop.
Jane Blue: That's because you could never keep a straight face.

Jeff Blue: Growing up on the mean streets.
Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: What mean streets? You're from Nebraska.

Vern Newman: What line are you in?
Jeff Blue: Brain surgery. Professional brain surgery.

Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: Oh, cute baby! Boy or girl?
Jeff Blue: Gosh, I hope so.

Jeff Blue: You can go home and clean up, Lieutenant. It's over.
Sawyer: No plans to invade Cuba while you're in the neighborhood?

Jeff Blue: See Mommy picking the big lock? Someday, when you're a big girl, she'll teach you how to pick locks. Of course, she may still be picking this one.

Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: You think you're smarter than we are.
Jeff Blue: Oh, not much.

Paulina Novacek: You're a very valuable commodity. Think what the Libyans would pay for your knowledge of American Intelligence. Or the Chinese. Or the Colombians. I think quite a lot of money, Mr. Blue.
Jeff Blue: You see? Most people do like me.

Paulina Novacek: So, Mr. Muerte.
Muerte: Excuse me please, no "Mister," is "Muerte."

Jeff Blue: Darling, do the oysters come with guns?

Jeff Blue: FBI! You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right you may talk, sing, dance, impersonate Elvis or anything else you like. You have the right to an attorney. If you're broke and can't afford one, tough shit! Now get in the car you suspected felon you.
Mr. Ferderber: Wait, wait. What am I being charged with?
Jeff Blue: That's for me to know and you to find out.

Audio problem: In the beginning, when the Blues are at the wedding and Jeff is taking the baby from Jane he says "Dance with me" but his lips don't match.

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