Undercover Blues

Undercover Blues (1993)

Ending / spoiler

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Paulina's men kidnap Jane and the baby and take them to the island where Paulina is staying. Jeff and the lieutenant go there as well. When Paulina tells Jane to hand over the baby, she throws the crying baby doll (the real baby is being babysat by the Newmans) at the bad guys and it explodes. Paulina digs up the Z-22 and she and Jane get into a mud fight. When Jane pins her down, Zubick comes in the helicopter to rescue her but he is really taking her back to Czechoslovakia. Muerte tries to kill the Blues one more time out in the ocean and they knock him off the sailboat.


Visible crew/equipment: After Muerte shoots himself in the foot and is reaching to hobble up the stairs, a crewmember and fan can be seen on the extreme right-hand side of the frame in the background. (01:18:03)

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Frank: The FBI thinks it's organized crime.
Jane Blue: Ah, the FBI thinks everything is organized crime.

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Question: What happened to the getaway driver after Jeff knocks him out? Where did his body go?

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