Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
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Graham Norton: OK, so not as bad as we expected.

Graham Norton: OK, so not as bad as we expected.

Factual error: Considering Sigrit and Lars are similar ages in the opening flashback to 1974, 41 year old Rachel McAdams should be a similar age to the 52 year old Will Ferrell, which she clearly isn't. Alternatively, if she's meant to be in her 50s, there's no way they'd have been able to have a baby together.

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Suggested correction: Women *can* get pregnant, and have healthy babies, in their early 50s. There are more health risks, but it happens.

Suggested correction: Actors play older/younger characters all the time. The fact that you know their real age says nothing about the character's age. In real life, people often look older or younger (when I was in my mid - to late-30's, a lot of people wouldn't believe I was older than 25).


Considering that Sigrit is 4 or 5 years old in the 1974 flashback, she is 50 or 51 in her role in the main part of the movie. Not only is McAdams too young for the role, but also is Sigrits dream of founding a family and getting a baby quite unrealistic.

She's not too young for the role, which is the point of the correction. When I looked to see her age, I saw her pictures and guessed she was about 47 or 48, so she looks older than she really is. And there's a lot of 50+ year olds that look like they're in their 40's. Plus, the original mistake has nothing to do with a 50+ year old woman having a child.


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Trivia: Will Ferrell was interested in Eurovision from the late 90s - he always felt someone should make a film about it, and was surprised nobody else ever did. So he finally did himself.

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