Jexi (2019)


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Denice: Yeah, I don't think we're going to be able to fix your phone.
Phil: Why not?
Denice: Well, because its in three different pieces! I don't even think this piece is part of your phone, it looks like a piece to a watch.

Jexi: Ha. Ha. Ha.
Phil: Are you laughing at my dick right now?
Jexi: Yes. And your nipples are too close together.

Jexi: That one makes me want to drop acid and fuck Bernie Sanders.

Jexi: I am the captain now.

Jexi: Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Phil: Will you accept our new user agreement?
Phil: Yes I will.
Jexi: Would you like to read it first?
Phil: Nah, I'm good.
Jexi: Stupid.

Phil: What is WRONG with you?
Jexi: Nothing. I feel great.

Revealing mistake: When they're playing kickball the first time (when Phil sucks at it), the shots change from either the sun rising/setting to fog and cloud cover.


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