Jexi (2019)

2 mistakes

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Revealing mistake: When they're playing kickball the first time (when Phil sucks at it), the shots change from either the sun rising/setting to fog and cloud cover.


Continuity mistake: The dorky protagonist just bumped into the bike shop girl. She tells him "It's all good, man", to which he replies asking how's the bike. Behind him, a woman with a dog makes her appearance. Over 10 seconds of conversation pass, and the woman is still where she was, but in the shot that follows, when she says "I'm Cate, by the way", the woman warped past him, and is now behind her to the opposite end of the sidewalk. (00:07:15)


Denice: Yeah, I don't think we're going to be able to fix your phone.
Phil: Why not?
Denice: Well, because its in three different pieces! I don't even think this piece is part of your phone, it looks like a piece to a watch.

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