While walking through a train station, David Dunn (Willis) discovers he has the ability to sense people's bad deeds by simply touching them. A man in an orange suit bumps into David and David senses that the man has recently broken in an unsuspecting person's house. David follows the man in the orange suit back to the house where he is holding the family hostage. David himself trespasses to save the family. While inside the orange suit man throws David into a pool. He nearly drowns due to his weakness from water, but the hostage children save him. David then proceeds to strangle the orange suit man to death after a big struggle. He finds that he was too late in saving the children's parents. The next day, David is mentioned in the paper as a hero. Elijah Price (Jackson) sees this and asks to meet David. When they meet, David shakes Elijah's hand and all of a sudden sees Elijah's bad deeds. Elijah orchestrated the plane crash, hotel fire and the train crash that David was a part of, all to find his exact opposite in life, the unbreakable man, David. David is the hero, and Elijah is the villain. David walks away upset. He led authorities to Elijah's store where they find evidence of three acts of terrorism. Elijah is sent to an institution for the criminally insane.

Character mistake: In the final scene, one of the newspaper clippings on the killer's office wall reads something like, "Huge Mudslide in Mexico: All Killed Expect Newborn." The penultimate word should be "except." (01:35:55)

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Elijah Price: Now that we know who you are, I know who I am. I'm not a mistake. In the comics, you know how you can tell who the arch-villain is going to be? He's the exact opposite of the hero. And sometimes they're friends, just like you and me. I should have known way back when. You know why, David? Because of the kids. They called me Mr. Glass.

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Trivia: Another comic book reference: Most of the film is shot through door frames, windows, between seats or otherwise "framed" like comic book panels.


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Answer: A woman shoplifting from a jewelry store, a guy in a pickup truck smashing a beer bottle at a black person and shouting something racist, a guy about to rape a girl who is passed out drunk and the subway janitor who breaks into the house and murders the parents and holds the two teenager's hostage.

Chosen answer: When he touches someone who has or will commit an evil act, he sees the act. For example, he sees a racist man throw something at a black woman for no reason, he sees someone buying drugs, he sees a woman kill another woman.

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