Corrected entry: The depth the U-571 is depicted as achieving was beyond 'crush depth' even considering the 2.5 safety factor all u-boats were designed to. There is no way the boat would have survived that depth.


Correction: The max depth depicted on the gauge is just beyond 200 meters. The maximum depth of the VIIC U-boat (which U-571 was) is 220 meters.

Corrected entry: A depth charge explodes right off the starboard bow, and the whole front end of the sub actually bends and snaps back. The force of the explosion wouldn't cause it to bend, it would either break off completely or there would be a large hole.

Correction: It's very possible for the structure to distort without breaking.

Corrected entry: The Germans drop the bombs down on the submarine at the rate of two every 5 or so seconds. So how come there are sometimes many many explosions around the submarine within a very short space of time?

Correction: I believe time was pushed ahead to skip to the explosions to make it seem like there were multiple explosions in a small period of time. Did you notice that after each explosion, the men appeared back in their seats almost instantaneously?

Corrected entry: They're actually using the U-571 to flee away from the German re-supply sub (the whole movie). Wasn't the U-571 broken? If it wasn't the German crew would have sailed to port long ago of course.

Correction: The German sub was damaged and could not get much power. Tank (from the American sub) mentions that the German mechanic (who got killed so someone else was doing the repairs, someone who worked in his uncle's motorcycle garage) did not know anything.

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Wasn't the mechanic uncooperative too? That adds to things as to why they didn't get repair knowledge from the Germans.

Corrected entry: Almost at the end of the movie, the sub is being chased by a German destroyer. One of the destroyer cannon shots hits the stern portion of the U-Boat (where the diesel and electric motors are located). That hit should have instantly killed Tank (in the electric motors room) and maybe also Trigger (they are both working to fix the stern torpedo tube). (01:43:23)

Correction: The shot actually hits the bow of the U-Boat. The stern is pointed towards the destroyer since that tube is the only one that has a torpedo.

Factual error: In the last battle scene when you see shots of the German destroyer through the periscope the last one shot before it's blown up is really bad angling. The ship is far away but in the scope it's very close and the periscope (in order to get that camera angle) is 100 ft in the air.

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Chief Klough: Those Krauts sure know how to build a boat.

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Trivia: U-571 cause quite a stir in England especially in the small northern town of Horsforth (where I actually live), because we felt the movie 'Hollywood-ised' a British victory. The people of Horsforth raised an astonishing £241,000 in one week (about £4million today) to fund the building of the HMS Aubretia, the ship that captured the first enigma machine when it depth charged U-110. It caused so much upset amongst people that President Bill Clinton wrote a letter to the people of Horsforth praising the town for their part in the war effort. The letter is now on display in the local museum.

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