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Corrected entry: For one of his wishes Elliot wishes that he knew "everything about everything" and that he had a longer penis. When the wish is granted he doesn't know that he's gay. If he knew everything then he would have known that he was gay.

Correction: Typical Faustian twist, his wish didn't mention his orientation (he just assumed), and he fails to clarify "everything about everyBody" (like himself) as well.

Corrected entry: When Elliot is the Colombian drug dealer when he goes in to see Alison to accuse her of her affair she throws her hairbrush at him. When the hairbrush hits the wall there is the sound of glass breaking yet the brush wasn't made of glass and she didn't hit a mirror or a window.

Correction: Watch the scene again - the brush leaves frame completely and we don't see what it hits. It might hit a vase or a glass water jug or a table mirror for all we know.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Liz Hurley and Brendan Fraser first go to her office in the nightclub, she's wearing a red dress with a long slit up the front. As she walks around the desk to light a cigarette, just before she sits down, the slit opens all the way to the top and it appears Liz is not wearing underwear. This is best viewed on DVD. Black panties would be completely dark, red panties would match the dress and white would be much brighter than what we actually see.

Correction: She is actually wearing red underwear.


Correction: In the theatrical release, Hurley is not wearing any form of underwear and flashes the camera. However, in the home version (VHS/DVD), a pair of red panties were digitally added.

Corrected entry: In Elliot's first scene at work, he is wearing glasses for the computer, and also in the vending machine room. But he doesn't wear them for the rest of the movie, not even for the computer.

Tiffany Fife

Correction: This is part of Elliot's character development. With each wish he loses a "nerdy" part of his outfit: his glasses, jacket, then his shirt is unbuttoned at the top, his sweater vest, etc. It represents how each wish changes him a little.

Corrected entry: When Elliot becomes the super-intelligent author and arrives at the party, everyone there knows him, and knows everything about him, his life, his work, and his personality. Now, he doesn't know he is gay - that's the whole premise of the scene - but surely everyone else does? He is living with his gay lover! How could his friends and sycophants not know that? Why, then, does the hostess - a women who knows him very well - insist on pushing a woman onto him?

Correction: We don't know anything at all about his relationship to the hostess. She could have been trying to "turn him straight" for years. Or maybe she just likes to mess with him.


Corrected entry: When Elliot is a Colombian drug lord, he is talking in Spanish. When he first finds this out he says lots of phrases including "I like it a lot" but he is really saying "a lot like".

Correction: Actually, other than the words you can hardly understand, and the change of construction between Colombian and Argentinian Spanish, the only mistake he makes while speaking in Spanish is when he's asked "SeƱor, se siente bien?" (Sir, do you feel well?) And he says, "Muy bien, muy bien no podria estar" (very good, very good I couldn't be). The correct wording is "Muy bien, MEJOR no podria estar" (very well, better I couldn't be), a normal sentence in Spanish.

He also says "idioto" instead of "idiota"

Corrected entry: During the "basketball" wish we see Elliot walking down a corridor onto the court. Because he was digitally put in to increase his height, if you look closely you can see that someone who runs past him actually passes through Elliot's right arm. (00:48:50)

Correction: I just watched this scene frame by frame and no such thing happens. The closest you get is when someone passes Elliott and he lifts his arm to allow him to pass. He is actually reaching up to sign an autograph, and his arm movement is very cleverly matched to the movements of the passing person.

Corrected entry: When Elliot is Lincoln and he's about to get shot, the killer appears right after they enter the theater, barely giving him time to find the beeper. Then he soundly announces himself before killing the President, amid a silent crowd. In reality, Lincoln was shot towards the end of the play, quietly, after one of the funniest lines, and when everyone was laughing loudly. The assassin chose that moment in hopes that the sound of the laughter would mask the sound of his gunshot.

Correction: Simple answer - this isn't 'reality'. It's a scene created by the devil to torment one of the damned-to-be, and things happen outside the rules of historical accuracy. After all, when did a gay genius called Elliot win the Pulitzer Prize? This filmmakers do not claim to be historically accurate.

Corrected entry: Whilst I don't have a copy of the devil's contract, didn't Elliot make the wish for the Big Mac and Coke BEFORE he signed the contract?

Correction: The Devil is very decieving, and took the wish for the Big Mac and Coke as a verbal contract, which would later be formal when Elliot signed the written contract. Many businesses operate this way.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the devil is changing meters and Elliot falls from above, he lands and dents a blue car but after he gets up and starts walking the car is yellow and stays that way.

Correction: You can clearly see as Elliot falls, and walks away, that the roof of the car is a beige colour, while the rest of the car is a dark blue colour. The car never changes - it's both beige and blue.


Corrected entry: It may have been an effort not to overuse a prop, but to return from every wish Elliot had to press 666 into the pager. However, at the end of the gay author wish, he did not use the pager at all. He merely sat down on the bed.

Correction: In this scene, he does sit on the bed, but then it flashes back to the Devil teaching the class. She talks for awhile and THEN he appears. In this whole time, he could of used the pager and transported back.

Correction: Actually, Elizabeth Hurley removes Brendan's handcuffs when she puts him into the jail cell. So he doesn't have them on at all when he's in jail.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the line scores from the basketball game are posted, Elliott scored 104 points and had 32 assists. Yet, the total score was only 135 for his team. 32 assists would mean at least 64 more points.

Correction: Not neccessarily... they could be talking how many assists he was in.

Corrected entry: After the sensitive guy scene, Elliot magically appears in the fountain. If you look at his trousers, you can see where the water is splashed up from him walking into the water before shooting the scene. (00:44:50)

Correction: No, you can't. Elliott displaces the water he lands in, creating waves, and they soak his trousers above the level of water in the fountain. Do you really think a highly paid actor like Brendan Fraser would stand around in soaking wet trousers waiting for a retake to be set up?

Corrected entry: About 1/3 of the way through, in the scene where Elliot is Jefe and the servant asks him if he wants breakfast, he says, "I'm sorry I don't speak Spanish." He realizes that he just spoken Spanish and he rolls his eyes up in his head. As he does this the brown contact lenses that he is wearing roll up a little and you can see his blue eyes underneath.


Correction: Is there a reason Elliot oughtn't be wearing colored contacts? No? Then this isn't a mistake.


Continuity mistake: When Elliot's the basketball player, when he scores the slam-dunk and breaks the headboard, he breaks the headboard after the slam as he bounces/hangs off the headboard. But in the replay he breaks the headboard as he makes the slam and then bounces/hangs off the headboard. (00:49:10)

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Elliot Richards: You can't give sick people 'tic tacs!'.
The Devil: Sick people have notoriously bad breath, I'm performing a public service here.

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Trivia: Not a mistake but something clever. When the Devil was a schoolteacher, the first equation on the board was Fermat's Last Theorem (X to the Nth + Y to the Nth = Z to the Nth for N is greater than 2). It was proven in 1995 that there is no integer solution to this equation; exactly the kind of problem the Devil would give to an Algebra class, but not really expected in your standard Hollywood film...

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Question: In the scene where Elliot signs the contract, there is a magnificent red fountain pen on top of the papers. Does anybody know what the pen is, or if it is even a real commercial pen?

Answer: It definitely is a Montegrappa Oriental Zodiac pen, this brand has been making pens in Italy since 1912. I am not sure which of the three red pens in that collection (Oriental Zodiac) is the one seen in the movie, but given its association with the devil, my guess will be it is the Ox fountain pen.

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