The Brass Teapot
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John: Baby, just tell me what the hell happened?
Alice: I fell down the stairs.
John: We don't have stairs.

Alice: Why would I want an organism growing exponentially inside of my body and then ripping its way out of my tight, sweet, fresh, young, undamaged v-a-g-i-n-a?

Ricky: So, uh, what sort of dog do you two have? I heard him howling last night. Sounds like a big fellow.
John: Oh, we don't have a dog. That was just some really violent sex.

Continuity mistake: The alarm clock chimes; Juno Temple reaches up with her left hand, putting it on the upper part of the pillow. Michael Angarano crawls over her to turn the alarm off, but she's napping with her hand by her chin, on the bottom corner of the pillow. (00:02:40)

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