Going Berserk

Going Berserk (1983)


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Wallace Jefferson: Whatcha lookin' at, bro?

Dr. Ted: There's only one way to cure that.
Chick Leff: What's that?
Dr. Ted: To drop him on his fucking head.

Skipper: Damian, take that tablecloth off, will you? It's all bloody. It looks terrible.

Kung Fu Leader: Can't you read the sign? No seducing in the cafeteria.

Margaret Anderson: Beaver, what's wrong? You're covered with blood.
Beaver: Yeah, I know. It's Wally's blood. See, Wally and I were fixing his bike in the driveway and Dad came home and got real mad. So he took a gun out and killed Wally. Blew his head clean off his shoulders. His face is all over the garage door. It's a real mess.

John Bourgignon: 'Scuse me, I'm looking for a guy named Skipper.
Skipper: I'm a guy named Skipper.

Chick Leff: Now what are you going to say to her?
John Bourgignon: I'm going to take your advice. I'm going to sit her down. Look her in the eyes. And lie my ass off.
Chick Leff: Always works, Johnny.

Jerome Willy Muhammed: I know the police out there... with their machine guns and helicopters. Oh, we're going to get blown away! But that's all right... because we're ready to die.
John Bourgignon: No, we're not.

Ed Reese: That irresponsible bastard! I'm going to kill him.
Minister: Please, Mr. Reese, this is a house of worship.
Ed Reese: Oh, for god's sake.

Rev. Sun Yi Day: That's not a killer. That's a schmuck.

Jerome Willy Muhammed: I set fire to my family.

John Bourgignon: This is a special song I'm going to sing with my dick in my hand. For you, honey.

Continuity mistake: When John is holding the groceries in the hallway and drops them, the items and bag fall to his right. In the next shot, the items and bag are all the way to his left.


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