Triumph of the Will
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Robert Ley: One thought must alone dominate all our work: to make the German worker an upright, upstanding, proud and decent citizen, enjoying equal rights with the rest of the Reich.

Julius Streicher: A people that does not protect its racial purity will perish.

Adolf Hitler: All upright Germans will be National Socialists, but only the best National Socialists will be party members.

Otto Dietrich: Truth is the basis on which the power of the press stands and falls. Our only demand of the foreign press and our own press, is that they report the truth about Germany.

Adolf Hitler: When our party had only seven men, it already had two principles. First, it wanted to be a party with a true ideology. And second, it wanted to be the one and only power in Germany.

Hans Frank: As chief of the German justice system, I can only say that since the National Socialist legal system is the foundation of the National Socialist State, for us, our supreme Führer is also supreme judge. And since we know how sacred the principles of justice are to our Führer, we can assure you, fellow citizens, that your life and existence is secure in this National Socialist State of order, freedom, and law.

Adolf Hitler: The German people are happy in the knowledge that a constantly changing vision has been replaced by a steadfast pole.

Adolf Hitler: Our party remains as firm as this rock and will not be divided by any force in Germany.

Continuity mistake: There's one peaceful scene where the point of view is from a boat drifting down a canal in town. As the boat drifts, it passes by some sort of monument, and a very clear full-body shadow of the camera man and camera is visible against the monument.

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