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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never picture

Justin Bieber: There's gonna be times where people tell you that you can't live your dreams. This is what I tell them: Never say never.

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Triumph of the Will picture

Adolf Hitler: Our party remains as firm as this rock and will not be divided by any force in Germany.

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The Real Cancun picture

Jeremy Jazwinski: So you're going to just go to the clubs all week and not drink anything?
Alan Taylor: I don't know.
Jeremy Jazwinski: Not anything? Not even a fucking shot? Don't you ever just feel like sacking up and taking a fuckin - a fuckin shot, ya know?
Alan Taylor: Not really.
Jeremy Jazwinski: It's like a manly thing, ya know? You just take a shot.
Alan Taylor: I don't know. I've just gone so long without doing it.
Jeremy Jazwinski: You should just do it and say, "Fuck it."

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Madonna: Truth or Dare picture

Madonna: So what is considered masturbation?
Christopher Ciccone: When you stick your hand in your crotch.

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Bowling for Columbine picture

Canadian: If more guns make people safer, then America would be one of the safest countries in the world. It isn't. It's the opposite.

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Beyond the Mat picture

Roland Alexander: You have to be a prick in this business. If you don't, the wrestlers will run all over you. Their egos are such and-and-and their characters are such that they will just walk all over you. So if you think you can be a nice guy and be a successful promoter in professional wrestling, you better get out of this business right now.

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What the #$*! Do We Know!? picture

Joseph Dispenza: What is reality? Is reality what we're seeing in our brain? Or is reality what we're seeing with our eyes? The truth is the brain does not know the difference between what it sees in its environment and what it remembers, because the same specific neurones of fire. But then it asks the question: what is reality?

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Jackass Number Two picture

Steve-O: All right cast me out, goddammit.

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Sicko picture

Aleida Guevara: Cuba is a little island in the Caribbean with little to no resources. We can do a lot to improve the people's health. This does not happen in the United States. Why are we able and you are not?

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Woodstock picture

Chip Monck - Stage Announcer: Maybe the best thing for everybody to do, unless you have a tent or some place specific to go to, is carve yourself out a piece of territory, say goodnight to your neighbor, and say thank you to yourself for making this the most peaceful, most pleasant day anybodies ever had in this kind of music.

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Religulous picture

Bill Maher: And I see you've got a lot of bling.
Jeremiah Cummings: I like gold. The people want you to look well.
Bill Maher: That's what pimps say about their women.

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Hoop Dreams picture

Coach: My mother, God bless her, she's always said in America you can make something of your life.

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The King of Kong picture

Adam Wood: I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. I play video games, which I think is a far superior addiction to any of those other ones.

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Jackass 3D picture

Johnny Knoxville: I realised that after all that flying I do, Santa's really afraid of heights.

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Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain picture

Kevin Hart: Let's get some fire up on these bitches one time.

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One Direction: This Is Us picture

Zayn Malik: I'm just a little boy from Bradford and now I'm smashing it.

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Tupac: Resurrection picture

Tupac Shakur: What makes me saying 'I don't give a f - -' different than Patrick Henry saying 'Give me liberty or give me death'?

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Capitalism: A Love Story picture

Israelite: You say the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. When exactly will it be?
Jesus: When you deregulate the banking industry.

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Eddie Izzard: Glorious picture

Eddie: I like my women like I like my coffee... covered in beeees.

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March of the Penguins picture

Penguin: Wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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