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Corrected entry: When Galvatron says "No..." and starts to blast the new Rodimus Prime, the lasers he shoots go from big (as soon as they leave his cannon) to small (when the hit Rodimus Prime) They also change colour from purple to yellow as well. (01:16:25)

Correction: The lasers start out big because Galvatrons cannon is up close on the screen. Rodimus Prime is a few paces back so the lasers naturally appear smaller. As to why the beams change colour, the matrix is lit and the difference in light could actually make the beams look different.


Corrected entry: When Daniel knocks down half of the acid vat's cover, Bumblebee, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and Spike land on it but none of the other victims behind them follow. Daniel just blasted the cover supports, he didn't stop the conveyor belt.

Correction: There never appeared to be any victims behind them. It is also reasonable to assume that Unicron didn't eat anyone else as after eating Cybertron's moons he was staying pretty close to Cybertron.


Corrected entry: If you look very carefully at the robots helping Kup setting up the roadblock, one of them is Prowl, who shouldn't be there because he got killed a few moments earlier. He is also coloured like Bluestreak, who has different arm shapes and forehead plates.

Correction: Nothing wrong, it's Bluestreak, not Prowl. Brief shot after Hot Rod says "you can see everything from Lookout Mountain," with him moving roadblock shows this.


Corrected entry: When Kickback and Shrapnel start to eat one of Autobot city's doors, Kickback calls Shrapnel "Shrapray"

Correction: He's chewing on a piece of the door, so it's supposed to sound like he's talking with his mouth full.


Corrected entry: When some Decepticons say "nay" to defend themselves in Astrotrain, the voices don't match up to any characters on screen. This is especially noticeable because the Insecticons certainly don't sound like that. The "nay" voice is just the same voice layered a few times.

Correction: Is it not possible that they're all so damaged that their voice units can't simulate their proper voices?


Corrected entry: When Perceptor and Grapple are shown firing against the Decepticons (just after the part where the Autobots fire missiles at Devastator) an Autobot runs past Perceptor. If you look closely, this Autobot is actually Swoop. How can he be here now if he shows up in Prime's shuttle a few shots later? (00:18:15)

Correction: The Autobot that runs across in front of him is Tracks.


Corrected entry: Hot Rod and Kup run out of "Energon goodies" on Quintessa but when they land on the planet of Junk they suddenly have some to offer to the Junkions.

Correction: Hot Rod lied. He complained that it was getting too expensive just before shouting 'No more'.


Corrected entry: How do the Constructicons without mouths manage to play the trumpets at Starscream's coronation?

Correction: I would expect the trumpets that the transfomers used in the cartoon are powered by electricity rather than wind. Hence the Constructicons are simply providing electricity to "blow" the trumpets.


Corrected entry: Why does Galvatron try to choke Hot Rod at the near end of the film? Robots don't breathe after all. And for proof of this, Hot Rod stays under water for a very long time fighting the squid.

Correction: Galvatron might be trying to break the head off Hot Rod's neck rather than trying to choke him.


Corrected entry: When Devastater is first seen, his chest plate is lime green. Then in the next scene he is seen, his chestplate is purple. (00:17:30)

Correction: When Devastator's chestplate is seen it is supposed to be green as the constructicons hadn't finished uniting. The purple colour wouldn't come in until Longhaul and Hook were in place.


Corrected entry: When Optimus Prime removes the Matrix from his chest, there are TWO Matrices in his torso compartment, although the second one isn't illuminated.

Correction: The second "matrix" is his spark. This is made clear in Beast Wars, when Optimus Primal takes Prime's spark out of a similar container.


Corrected entry: As Prime chases the Decepticons, Blitzwing can be seen holding his gun, but when he jumps out of the way of Prime he isn't holding it anymore. (00:19:40)

Correction: He probably dropped it to get out of the way.


Corrected entry: When Prime transforms back to robot mode and starts blasting the Decepticons, no transforming sound effect is heard.

Correction: It's drowned out by Prime's jumpjets.


Corrected entry: Scourge's voice changes completely between his first and second lines.

Correction: It could have been one of the Sweeps who said one of the lines. Since they all look like Scourge the only way to tell them apart is by voice.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Megatron and the decepticons blast into the autobot shuttle, Megatron transforms and Starscream starts blasting the autobots with Megatron (in gun mode), when the autobots (Ironhide & Ratchet) return fire we see Starscream firing from his own gun on his arm then back to the autobots and then back to Starscream and he is firing from Megatron again. (00:07:14)

Correction: He holds Megatron in his left hand. When the Autobots return fire, he is forced to take cover, and shoot from the gun on his right arm. It's easy to see actually.


Corrected entry: In the movie, the transformers actually die when they are shot. In the TV series, they would normally be damaged and would later be repaired. However, it seems that only the Decepticon guns can kill, since in the shuttle attack scene near the start the Decepticons kill some Autobots. But, later Blitzwing shoots an Insecticon and the Insecticon does not die. When Autobots do hit the Decepticons (Prime guns down just about every Decepticon there apart from Megatron, and Blaster shoots down a Constructicon with a huge laser cannon) they do not die, some don't even take damage.

Correction: It's established in the movie that the Decepticons have conquered Cybertron, and have much more access to Energon (their energy source) than the Autobots do. The Decepticons' weapons do more damage because they have much more Energon to power their weapons, thus making them more deadly. As to why it goes back to "nobody gets killed" in the later seasons is still a mystery, though.


Corrected entry: When Kup says "What's that darn fool doing?" you can see Hound with him. The thing is, later Hound is seen coming out of the shuttle that Prime and the others arrived in to help out in the big battle from Moonbase 1.

Correction: This is a misconception. Hounds is actually never seen on Prime's shuttle or coming out of the shuttle. He is just standing there near the exit. He could have simply drove up to meet Prime upon his arrival.


Corrected entry: If Astrotrain moans about there being to much weight in him, wouldn't he at least say something when 1) Rumble and Frenzy use their pile driver arms on his floor and 2) all the Decepticons start fighting and crash into his walls?

Correction: Perhaps he wants the others to kill each other and then he can claim leadership without anybody challenging him.


Corrected entry: Gears is in the credits but isn't in the movie.

Correction: Actually he is in the movie. He can be seen in the very beginning sitting in a chair at a console in the room with Optimus Prime. He has no lines, though.


Corrected entry: How did Hot Rod and Kup know that the others were on the planet of junk? They crashed on a completely different planet, and were never told where Ultra Magnus and co. went. So how did they find the others?

Correction: Hot Rod and Kup could have tracked the Decepticons to the planet of Junk and then found their friends.


Continuity mistake: During their fight at Autobot city, Megatron throws a rock at Optimus like a spear. Before he throws it it, looks big in his hands, but when it hits Optimus it looks quite smaller and fatter. Then Optimus pulls it out and it's back to the right size again.

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Quintesson judge: Before the Imperial Magistrate delivers his verdict, would you like to beg for your lives? It sometimes helps - but not often.

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Trivia: The creatures that judge Kranix, Hot Rod and Kup are later revealed in the next series of the Transformers cartoon to be the creators of all Transformers, and used to be the masters of them and Cybertron millions of years a go. They are called Quintessons.

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Question: One of the trivia entry's mentions something about Go-Bots, who are they?

Answer: Go-Bots were transforming-vehicle toys from around the same period, competition for (or rip-off of, depending on your opinion) the Transformers.

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