Trainspotting (1996)

Ending / spoiler

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Tommy dies a horrible and lonely death after he succumbs to HIV-related toxoplasmosis. Renton and friends do a scag deal and get 16,000 pounds. They celebrate and start making comments about each other having thoughts of running off with the money and what will happen to them if they do. Begbie goes mad and beats an unlucky pub patron, and accidentally cuts Spud's hand. After that, Renton decides to take off with the cash. As he is leaving, he looks at Spud who is signalling for him to not go. Renton ignores him. He leaves Spud his share in the locker with the passport in it. Begbie filled with rage, tears apart their hotel room, and most likely gets arrested. Renton repeats his 'Choose Life' speech and claims he is ready to choose life, a family, a f***ing big television etc. Before the credits begin, we see Spud finding his share in the locker.

Lois James

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