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Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020)

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Corrected entry: After getting Ecto 1 out of the police station they have the lights and siren on. The next shot it's off, then on again right after that.


Correction: This isn't a continuous shot though. After they come out of the garage area, the next shot is of them driving down a dirt road. Then the next shot is of them crossing a bridge.


Correction: Yes, probably because the vehicle is still in bad shape and everything on it is not working properly.

Corrected entry: Spoiler: Everything goes well in the end and all the ghosts (and returning demigod Gozer) are sucked into a giant ghost trap. In fact everything goes so well that the trap selectively spares one specific ghost so it can have a lengthy farewell scene, hug and smooch every single character at leisure and leave on its own terms.


Correction: The other ghosts were above the traps. The one specific ghost was not. Every time a ghost has been trapped they have been above the trap. In the first movie they even have to move Slimer to position him to be trapped.

This trap cluster was designed to cover an area, If Gozer could get away simply because he/she was standing one foot to the right or left of the nearest trap, the plan was flawed to begin with.


Even if Gozer stepped away from the traps, the Ghostbusters could simply wrangle her into the traps with their proton packs.

Correction: That particular ghost was not standing near the traps. Granted, the traps pull in the ghosts floating over the farm, but those spirits were in direct line with the trap laser beams, that ghost you reference was standing safely away.

Correction: Ray was probably being sarcastic and making a general comment about gentrification.

Correction: We never get to see the building from the outside, so a Starbucks can surely be somewhere around the building.


Audio problem: During the Walmart scene, it seems they edited in Gary saying "Oh, God." However, it's over no visible mouth or throat movements. (01:15:17)

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Mr. Grooberson: There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years. New York in the '80s... it's like The Walking Dead. Your dad never mentioned this to you?
Callie: It's just my mom.

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Trivia: The same advertisement for Stay-Puft Marshmallows in the original movie is visible on the side of one of the buildings in the town. It's in roughly the same shape as the billboard in the 1984 film.


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Question: When Trevor is flying over the berm onto the road, I hear a voice which sounds like Mandarin or other Chinese dialect. Can anyone tell what is said?

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