Carrie (2002)


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Detective John Mulcahey: You and Christine Hargenson, friends until the end?
Sue Snell: I wouldn't say that.
Detective John Mulcahey: What would you say?
Sue Snell: We had our differences.
Detective John Mulcahey: Differences about Carrie White?
Sue Snell: Differences about a lot of things. I played with Barbie, she played with horses. She's a back to front, I'm a front to back.

Miss Desjarden: You're ugly, let's see how ugly all of you are.
Chris Hargensen: You can't talk to us like that, my dad's a lawyer.
Miss Desjarden: Shut up! Open your mouth one more time, and I'll plug you up.

Tommy Ross: So... did your ceiling like... just collapse or something?
Carrie White: Yes. Yes my ceiling just collapsed, just now.
Tommy Ross: Whoa. Can I see it?
Carrie White: No.

Carrie White: Does everyone think they can go on playing tricks on me?

Chris Hargensen: I mean she practically talked me into getting Botox last year.
Carrie White: Maybe she thought you needed it.

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