Tomorrow Never Dies

Continuity mistake: When the BMW drops off the roof and into the AVIS office, its trajectory is not consistent. It enters the AVIS office rather horizontally, but at that point in its trajectory it would have gone almost vertically.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the garage chase scene, when the rocket goes through the BMW they show the shot of the side of the BMW; right as the rocket reaches where the front window was you can see that the rocket turns into more of a bottle rocket type thing as it goes through the car.

Continuity mistake: During the bike chase scene, the following Range Rover loses its indicator lens in one shot, only for it to re-appear in the next.

Plot hole: In the final showdown, when Bond is fighting with Stamper, the girl is wrapped in a chain hanging from a crane and dropped in the sea. After the boat blows to bits, the chain continues to hang down even though there's nothing holding it. It even keeps hanging after Bond's swum down to untie her. What's keeping it there? Do all stealth battleships come with buoyant chains? With both arms at least partially free, why doesn't she just climb back up the chain?

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James Bond: I think we understand each other.
Q: Grow up, 007.

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Trivia: After Teri Hatcher's character has been murdered, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) shoots dead her killer (Vincent Schiavelli). When he does so, the expended bullet cartridge ejects very, very quickly and hits Brosnan squarely on the forehead.

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