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Tommy Boy (1995)

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Corrected entry: Tommy talks about how the Callahan factory is the only thing keeping the city (Sandusky, Ohio) alive. I guess he forgot about Cedar Point, one of the most popular theme parks in the world.

Correction: While Tommy was exaggerating the factory's importance to Sandusky, Cedar Point isn't open to the public year round. And tourists who come in to visit the park would only patronize business that the blue collar factory worker wouldn't work at or own, so it doesn't help the average working men of the town.


Corrected entry: Obvious stunt double for Tommy performing the cartwheel during the "What'd I Say" number at the wedding reception.


Correction: No. That actually was Chris Farley. Farley was known for being very agile for a large man, always doing cartwheels on the set of Saturday Night Live.


Corrected entry: When Beverly is on the bed talking with Paul, in one shot her spaghetti strap is down towards her elbows. In the next shot, it is up to her shoulder. The shots moved too quick for her to fix it.

richard dryja

Correction: That's because it fell down on one side, we see her fix it. And the camera was on Paul long enough for her to slip it back on her shoulder.


Corrected entry: When Rob Lowe is trying to shoot the trucks at the Callahan factory, he gets back into his car and then gets strangled by the seat belt. When this happens, the car door closes. He then fires a shot of which the bullet hits a sign which, in turn, breaks the guard dog's chain. When the dog jumps into the car, the car door closes again.

Correction: The door never closed the first time, you can see the door fling back open in the first shot, then the dog jumps in and the door closes all the way.

Corrected entry: The fan on the test engine spins counterclockwise, and before it starts, the angle of the blades is visible and such that it would pull air towards the engine instead of pushing it in the other direction.

Correction: Vehicle engines help pull air through the radiator which would mean it blows air towards engine. This was right in the movie.

Corrected entry: The hooks in the brake pad division (the one Tommy is fighting with) stop automatically when Tommy walks by. He turned them on, but he never turned them off.

Correction: The hooks stopped because the rest of the machines are all turned off so the hooks can't go on to the other machines.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tommy, Richard and Michelle read the police reports to Paul and Beverly about their scans, Paul tries to escape but is eventually apprehended by the police. Beverly, however, receives a dinner offer from Zalinsky rather than having the police arrest her as well. How could she suddenly luck out knowing that she was involved with Paul's scan the whole time?


Correction: 1) This is a question, not a mistake. 2) Scan? Do you mean scam? 3) Paul was the mastermind behind the scams, Zalinsky was just attracted to Beverly. She could be charged as an accomplice, and if she got involved with Zalinsky, there's less likelihood of her going on the lam.


Corrected entry: The characters mention an airport in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - there is no airport in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Correction: Not only is there no airport in Cuyahoga Falls, but Sandusky is only an hour and a half away from Cuyahoga Falls. No one would ever fly from one city to the other much less route through Columbus like the ticket agent says.

Corrected entry: After "Richard" picks up "Tommy" from the airport, Tommy places M&M's in the dash. You can see a big "69ยข" in magic Marker on the M&M bag.


Correction: Some retailers will mark down or up prices directly on the product using a magic marker rather than a price gun. It is very common, especially with smaller "Mom and Pop" shops.

Corrected entry: When Paul sprays Tommy with gasoline, you can see a smaller hose tucked into the end of the gasoline nozzle.

Correction: You're supposed to see that hose. It is not a gasoline hose that Paul is spraying Tommy with, it is a water hose used at a nearby car wash.


Corrected entry: When Tommy Boy is on the phone with Michelle, Michelle says that his dad has never sold 1,000 brake pads in Oshkosh. Big Tom could have never sold that much because he died before they started to sell the brake pads.

richard dryja

Correction: So, there's no mistake then. If Big Tom had sold 1,000 brake pads in Oshkosh before they started selling them, there would be a mistake. But in this instance, Michelle is just stating the obvious in an effort to encourage Tommy.

Corrected entry: There's a part of the movie when Richard and Tommy are walking down a street in Sandusky, OH and you can see a Toronto Dominion Bank sign (green) on one of the buildings. This was an oversight as the movie was filmed somewhere in Ontario. A small town like Sandusky would never have a branch of a big Canadian bank.

Correction: Sandusky is less than 300 miles from Toronto, the headquarters of TD Bank. TD has operated banks around the world since the 1960s. It is very plausible that they would have a branch in Sandusky.

Corrected entry: Rob Lowe is a main character in the movie playing "Paul", but is not credited at the end of the movie.

Correction: While the role is fairly large to note not being credited, the practice is not uncommon. Many more actors and sometimes well known actors forgo their name in the credits for varying reasons (e.g. SAG would require they be paid, contractual obligations etc.).


Corrected entry: Obvious stunt double when Paul is on the hood of the crash test car.

Correction: As you'll see in the Holy Schnike Edition, director Peter Segal says Rob Lowe did all of his stunts, except one scene in the water tower that never made the movie.

Corrected entry: When David Spade first picks up Chris Farley he tells him he has just put a 440 with a 6-pack carburetor, but later when the hood flies off you can plainly see that it has a regular 2-barrel carburetor and air filter.

Correction: He lied, he has no friends and is trying to impress.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tommy's father is showing Chris Farley his new office the name on the door is "Thomas Callahan III" but when Chris Farley is introduded as the new president of the company at the end of the film, he is introduced as "Thomas Callahan, Jr."

Correction: There's no mistake here, his full name is Thomas Callahan III, but he is referred to by his friends as Thomas Callahan Jr.


Corrected entry: When Richard and Tommy are driving (when Richard is drunk), Richard starts throwing up and Tommy swerves on the road. When you see the front of the car, pause the movie and the stunt guys are visible.

Correction: Trivia perhaps, but if you have to pause to see it, then it's not a valid mistake.


Corrected entry: Richard vacuums up moths - how many motels have vacuum cleaners in their rooms?

Correction: Not a movie mistake - it's not beyond belief that he could have requested one from reception.


Corrected entry: At the end, when Tommy and Zalinsky are on the news, Zalinsky clearly unbuttons his top button and loosens his tie. In the next shot, it's buttoned, then in subsequent shots, it's unbuttoned again.

Correction: The shirt is unbuttoned throughout the whole scene. It looks like it is because the television shot is grainy.


Corrected entry: When Tommy is in the bathroom on the aeroplane, he is wearing boxers. However, when he bursts out of the door he is wearing tighty whities, the next shot it's back to boxers.

Correction: He wears boxers throughout the scene. Upon going frame by frame, it is his shirt covering the back of the boxers that makes it look like briefs.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tommy Boy is in the bank and yells "everyone listen up, this will only take a second," the cops get down and throw their guns. The shot of Tommy's feet shows his pants are brown where in the next shot his pants are light khaki/white.

Correction: His pants are brown throughout the whole scene; it is simply the lighting.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Rob Lowe is on the girl's computer sabotaging the shipments of brake pads, he gets interrupted by the girl and he abruptly shuts off the monitor, not the computer. Later in the movie we find out that the brake pad shipments were all screwed up and no one knows why. Well, the moment that the girl presumably turned the monitor back on, she would have seen just exactly who was responsible.

Correction: That's presuming she noticed the mistake. While Paul's (Rob Lowe) numbers were quite a change from what was being ordered, there were a large number of orders and it was more likely oversight on her part. When Michelle came into the room after Paul messed up the orders, she doesn't see Paul at the computer. Added to that, she had no reason at that point to suspect that Paul was trying to sabotage the company. So, no reason to check the orders.


Corrected entry: In the hotel, how does Richard unzip his boxers with his hands shown on the curtains?

Correction: When Richard unzips his boxers only one hand is shown. His left hand is not shown holding the curtain, he must be holding it with his leg or his shoulder.

Corrected entry: When Richard's hair is blown back by the engine fan, the fan must have been mounted backwards because the fan is supposed to blow air ON the engine, not in front of it.

Correction: The fan on the motor is correct. Radiator fans are designed to cool the radiator - not the motor. Next time you park your car in hot weather and the fan comes on, feel the warm air being pushed through the radiator from behind out towards the front of the car.



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Tommy: You know a lot of people go to college for seven years.
Richard: I know. They're called doctors.



The deer knocks the rear-view mirror off the windshield, however, when the boys are driving down the highway and the car hood flies off, you can see the mirror again, then it's gone and then it's back again.



When Tommy meets his "Stepmother," he says something like "Dad, she's a 10." That's because the actress, Bo Derek, starred in the movie "10" (1980).