1917 (2019)

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Schofield, who continued the mission on his own after his friend is killed, arrives at the destroyed French village of Écouse-Saint-Mein and is knocked unconscious by a bullet. He later wakes up, and walks around and finds a local woman, Lauri, who has a baby girl with her. She treats his wounds and, in turn, he comforts them both, gives them food and some milk he had been keeping for himself.

Eventually, he leaves and, amidst the burning rubble, he is given chase by two German soldiers, managing to strangle one of them to death while fending off the other one. The next morning, after coming off the river he jumped into the night before Schofield reaches a massive group of soldiers surrounding a man who chants for them. He is informed they are the 2nd. Devons, the group he was commissioned to find, and desperately goes through them, seeing the attack is about to begin and there are too many on his way to reach Colonel Mackenzie their Commander.

As they are all bombarded by the Germans, Schofield runs on an open field and gets a hold of Mackenzie. He manages, after pleading for his attention, to deliver the letter and the British counterattack is called off. Having successfully accomplished his mission, Schofield is then directed to where the first wave of British fighting back the Germans were, to find Joseph, Blake's older Lieutenant brother. Upon being informed by Schofield of his brother's demise, Joseph is shaken and saddened, but, agrees to Schofield writing to their mother and walks off.


Factual error: The strong current of the river the main character falls into carries him to a considerable waterfall. There is nor has there ever been a river of that kind in Flanders' Fields, let alone a waterfall. Anyone who has any insight into the geography of the region will tell you it is flat as can be. The largest body of water, the Yzer, gently meanders and flows into the Channel, even during really rainy times.

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Suggested correction: I do not believe that either Ecoust or Croisilles Wood is in Flanders. Both are behind the old German lines at the Somme. That said, there are no bodies of water in that area.

Ecoust and Croissilles are in department Pas-De-Calais in the French Flanders, together with the Belgian flanders they are called Flanders Fields. It is indeed a flat area.


There is a watercourse that goes through Croisilles... But it's basically a ditch.

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Trivia: The production crew dug over 5,200 feet of trenches for this film.

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