Tomcats (2001)

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Michael (Jerry O'Connell) is unable to stop the wedding. Natalie (Shannon Elizabeth) gets even with Kyle (Jake Busey) by knocking him out before shag time. The next day their marriage is annulled. Michael wins the bachelor money and pays off his debts in Las Vegas. Michael and Natalie get married. Steve (Horatio Sanz) finally catches Tricia (Jaime Pressly) in bed with another woman (the maid). He joins them for a threesome. Kyle, Jill the librarian and her Granny share some quality time.

Sargent Snoogans

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When Carlos (Bill Maher) is explaining to Michael what was a valid roll he says that the redhead rubbed the dice on her chest for good luck and threw them. However she immediately threw the dice when Michael handed them to her. She only rubbed them on her chest and gave them back to Michael on a prior roll.



When Michael collides with a cello player at the charity fundraiser towards the end of the film, the cello player lets out a Wilhelm scream.