Jumanji: The Next Level

Continuity mistake: Professor Sheldon 'Shelly' Oberon sprains his right ankle when escaping the baboons by jumping to another bridge. Ming Fleetfoot wraps his left ankle later on when they are by the river. (01:11:38 - 01:14:00)

Continuity mistake: When on look out in the Jumanji berry scene, when The Rock says "do you want a piece of me" his left arm tattoo changes to his right arm.

Continuity mistake: When Spencer is talking to his grandfather about Martha before going to sleep, Spencer has his right hand on his chest close to his neck. When the camera cuts to an open shot, both arms are down close to his sides, and then when it cuts back to a closeup, the hand is back again on his chest.

Mario De Jesus

Other mistake: Dr. Braveheart had just died from the RPG. On spawn, he shrugs, both forearms are visible but the stripe-tattoo indicating his lives is missing. (01:02:41)

Continuity mistake: When the characters are dropped from the plane. Ruby Roundhouse fell first and Shelley fell out last. However, when Shelley gets up after the fall he is standing between Ruby and Dr Bravestone. Ruby has to walk past Shelley to get to Dr Bravestone although she should have fallen close to him, but very far from Shelley. The plane also could not turn in such a manner to drop them next to each other. Shelley held on for a while, so should have been dropped very far from the others. (00:28:15 - 00:29:20)

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Suggested correction: Given that this is explicitly a video game world, the normal rules of physics do not apply.


Continuity mistake: Shortly after arriving in Jumanji, Nigel flies over in the airplane. They all follow Ruby towards the clearing where the plane is landing. When they emerge from the jungle and stop just outside the tree line, we see them from the front, and they are standing in knee-high vegetation. The shot changes to show all of them from behind as the plane pulls up in front of them, only now the vegetation is very low cut, down around the top of their shoes. The shot changes again to show the group once more from the front, and they are again standing in knee-high vegetation. Furthermore, when the plane pulls up, the group is standing off the left wing of the plane. Shortly before take-off, we see an overhead shot of the clearing. The group is still standing off the left wing tip, in the low cut vegetation, while off the right wing tip you can see taller vegetation of the sort the group was standing in when they first exited the jungle into the clearing.

Continuity mistake: When Spencer is about to go to sleep there's something like a watch strap on the night table that keeps changing positions between shots.

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Plot hole: Professor Oberon (Bethany) is allergic to heat, sun, and sand. So why doesn't he die in the desert, like all the other characters do when they come in contact with their weaknesses?

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Suggested correction: He didn't die instantly because he didn't consume anything like Finbar did with the cake, his weakness to heat, sun, and sand is like the endurance he has and Finbars strength and speed weakness it is simply a debuff on the character.

Suggested correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. And Bethany wasn't Oberon until later. Fridge was Oberon.


Continuity mistake: When we meet Norah her hand jumps between being on the upper part of the handle to being on the lower part.

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Mouse Finbar: Did I die and turn into a small muscular boy scout?

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Trivia: Stay tuned during the credits - there's a bonus scene after the first few roll.


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Question: What does "follow the flame to the desert fruit" mean?

Answer: The flame is Bravestone's "old flame" the Lady in Red, who leads them to the desert fruit, the Jumanji Berry.

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That's what the characters thought it was, but that's not what the clue entirely was.


Answer: In the building with the Jumanji berry tree, there were flames on the wall. By following the flames on the wall, Ruby was able to get to the tree, rather than try to cross the waters somehow.


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