To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Two drag queens (Vida Bohemme and Noxeema Jackson) and one hopeful (ChiChi Rodriguez) enter a New York drag contest. When last year's winner Rachel Tensions (played by RuPaul) comes down from the ceiling, she announces the winner...or winners, since it is tie. Vida and Noxeema have just won and earned the right to go to Hollywood and compete in the national drag contest. As they go upstairs to their apartment, still excited over their victory, they discover ChiChi, sitting on the steps crying. When Vida inquires as to what's wrong, ChiChi reveals that she is upset because she never wins and feels she is forced to live a second rate life because she can't do any better. Vida and Noxeema go up to the apartment and discuss the situation, with Vida deciding to take ChiChi along. They must decide how to split their two plane tickets into a way for the three of them to get across country. After meeting a friend at a restaurant, they decide to buy a car. Along the way, Vida and Noxie criticize ChiChi's cockiness about being a drag queen, dub her a "boy in a dress," and enrage ChiChi, who promptly tries to leave them. Vida argues to get her back in the car and finally tells her she is a "drag princess." ChiChi, excited, quickly rejoins them and is informed that there are 4 steps to being a queen, which she will be informed of as she accomplishes them. Later on, the car breaks down in an unfamiliar place and, after an incident with a cop, they get a ride from a young man who lives in a small town. They are informed the next morning, that the town's mechanic won't be able to get the part for another couple of days and they are forced to stay and cope in Snydersville.

Jacob Daniel

Continuity mistake: When Swayze gives the stuttering guy the book, it is a paperback. But later when he's reading it, it's a hardback. (01:07:05 - 01:09:00)

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Sheriff Dollard: When the founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, what have you. "Liberty and justice for all", they didn't mean that.
Farmer: I can tell you one thing about them founding fathers of America.
Sheriff Dollard: What's that?
Farmer: They sure had fabulous wigs.

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