To Live and Die in LA

During a set-up transaction, Chance and Vukovich attempt to arrest Rick Masters and his bodyguard, Jack. Jack pulls out a shotgun from a locker and aims it at Vukovich. Chance shoots Jack in the chest, at the same time he shoots Chance in the face; they both die. Vukovich later tracks down Masters at his printing warehouse, which he has set ablaze. During a brief struggle, Vukovich is knocked out. But just as Masters is about to set him on fire, Vukovich recovers and shoots him. Masters drops his lighter and lights himself on fire. Vukovich survives as Masters perishes. In the event of Masters' death, Grimes (Masters' attorney) gives his estate to his girlfriend, Bianca. Without showing much remorse, she rides away in Masters' black Ferrari with Serena, whom they had a threesome with. In the last scene, Vukovich pays Chance's informant, Ruth, a visit, just as she's packing up to leave L.A., for good. He mentions Chance's death, that she knew the man they stole the advance money from was FBI, and that Chance left her with the leftover front money that his agency now wants back. All this leads to a surprise for Ruth: "You're working for me now". And with that, Chance lives on through Vukovich.

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Continuity mistake: When the tractor-trailer accident occurs during the chase, the two shots viewing the truck approaching the camera position have the red cab driving alongside the median and the trailer swung out to the driver's left, toward the road's shoulder. But when the film's heroes swerve to avoid the truck, the next shot showing their car crossing the median also shows the truck cab is at the shoulder with the trailer swung out toward the median- exactly the opposite of where it should be.


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Trivia: Real counterfeit bills were printed during principal photography. The prop master got in some hot water for this, even though the bills were created specifically for a scene in which Willem Dafoe burns them in a fireplace.

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Question: When Rick Masters is (quite literally) laundering his counterfeit bills, why does he put poker chips in the washing machine with the bills?

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Chosen answer: The poker chips give the bills a more realistic texture by striking them while spinning, so they don't look newly made.

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