Continuity mistake: When Jack is about to start drawing Rose, the shot cuts back and forth from a close-up to a wider shot. In the wide shots Jack is holding his charcoal pencil, in the close-ups he is not holding it. (01:23:10)

Factual error: In the scene just before the spitting lesson when Rose and Jack are strolling on the deck, you can see Pacific ocean shore waves breaking towards the ship. (00:51:45)

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Suggested correction: Actually it does not. Comparing side by side the pictures they are identical. The actual picture seen (drawn by James Cameron) was sold at auction in 2011.

Ssiscool Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Jack and Rose are running through the dining room, both of them are completely dry and running up. After Cal tells Lovejoy he'll give him the diamond if he gets it back, we cut back to Jack and Rose and both of them are soaking wet, most noticeably Jack. (02:13:15)


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Suggested correction: Part of this scene was cut from the movie. Per the site rules, Mistake between deleted scenes and the final movie are not valid as that's usually why they are deleted.

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Continuity mistake: While with Fabrizio on the front of the boat, Jack's hair moves wildly, yet a frame later, from a different angle it's still. (00:29:50)

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Rose is about to commit suicide and Jack approaches, their skin turns pale and slightly blueish due to the green screen effect. This happens in all the wide angles from this scene where a big part of the sea and the horizon are visible. (00:38:30)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after Jack and Rose try to save the child from the Italian guy, when the water bursts through the doors, they run away from it. But take a close look at Jack's neck: you can see the edge of a black wetsuit. And under his entire shirt, it's a little darker than it is a few moments later when they try to open the gate. (02:16:45)


Continuity mistake: After handcuffing Jack, Lovejoy says the initials on his coat and Jack turns to Rose. A frame later, from a different angle, he is looking away. (01:41:35)

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Continuity mistake: After Cal throws Rose's cigarette away, she lowers her hand. Then there's a very brief angle on Molly Brown where Rose is lowering her hand again up to a point where it disappears offscreen. Then a millisecond later it cuts back to Rose and her hand is magically raised and still, no sign of her lowering it, and shortly after she lowers it while Cal extinguishes the cigarette and she places her index finger on the holder. Close-up on Rose and her fingers are in the previous position and she is extending her index finger again to hide the holder. So there's actually 2 mistakes in a lapse of 3 seconds. (00:32:10)

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Suggested correction: She doesn't lower it twice. She lowers her arm slightly, then completely when the camera angle has changed.

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Factual error: It's impossible that Rose would've been able to survive for as long as she did whilst wearing that thin, delicate lounging dress she changed into after Jack drew her portrait. She was in and out of the water constantly before finally climbing on top of the door frame in the water, and while the coat Cal put on her could've kept her torso warm, her legs were exposed throughout much of the ordeal. The human body can barely function in freezing temperatures, but she moves around with considerable agility until shortly before she's rescued from the water.

Character mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Bill Paxton is pulling out documents out of the safe, maybe destroying some of them. Extremely unprofessional from an archaeological perspective. Although he represents a private company on a Russian ship searching for a diamond, he for sure violates many international laws with this brutal act of recovering objects. A professional treasure hunter should know that, plus a camera is filming him. He risks never getting a licence for a treasure hunt again.


Continuity mistake: When having lunch, Cal takes Rose's cigarette off of her hand and talks with his hand next to his jaw. Depending on the angle, the hand is up or down. (00:32:30)

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Other mistake: After the "flying" scene, the story cuts back to real time. When it starts to transition back to the flashback, the camera zooms in on a television screen with the fireplace in it. This screen is 1) also used in the beginning of the movie 2) impossible, seeing how there was only one ROV in that room, and it shows the ROV in it. (00:06:15 - 01:20:10)


Titanic mistake picture Video

Continuity mistake: About half an hour in when the rear of Titanic is shown, look at the very rear of the ship and you will see a red sign (near the triple screws) to the right of an over-hanging light. Shortly afterwards when Rose approaches the rear of the ship to jump off, the sign has now moved to the other side of the light. (00:31:50 - 00:36:15)


Continuity mistake: When the alarm sounds in the boiler rooms, the officer shouts "Shut all the dampers." We see all of the firemen shut all the loading doors to the furnaces. But a few clips later, when water pours in, the water flows past open furnace doors. (01:35:00 - 01:37:20)

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: After making love, Jack says to Rose "Don't worry, I'll be all right" and kisses her, sucking the upper part of her lip. When the angle changes, he is sucking the lower part. (01:31:50)

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Continuity mistake: About to jump off the boat, Rose says "You're crazy" and looks at the sea. A frame later, her head is turned towards Jack. (00:39:10)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack and Rose enter the water, Rose is barefoot, yet later she is wearing pale shoes: the heels are visible later when Rose is on the floating door. (02:36:50)

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Suggested correction: As they go into the water, Rose is wearing small light coloured heels. Due to the lighting it appears she is barefoot.

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Revealing mistake: When Jack and Rose are talking at the bow of the ship before the "I'm flying" part, if you look at the windows behind them you can tell it is a painted prop area and not a real ship.

Jack: That's one of the good things about Paris: lots of girls willing to take their clothes off.

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Trivia: James Cameron drew the picture of Rose himself, and it was sold at auction in 2011 for $16,000. (01:24:05)

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Question: What happened to Rose's mother after the sinking? I'm curious because she made it very clear while she was lacing up Rose's corset, that she was entirely dependent on Rose's match with Cal to survive. Whether she was exaggerating or not, she made the statement that she would be poor and in the workhouses if not for the marriage and Cal's fortune to support them. Obviously, since Rose is presumed dead after the sinking, she did not marry Cal and her mother was not able to benefit from his money. So would she then, in fact, end up poor and in the workhouses as she said? Rose didn't just abandon Cal and that lifestyle to start anew, she also had to abandon her mother. So did she leave her mother to be a poor and squandering worker? At the end of the movie, Rose gives her account of Cal and what happened to him in the following years, but never anything about her mother. I realize this question would probably be more speculation than a factual answer, but I just wondered if there were some clues at the end that I maybe didn't pick up on or if there were some "DVD bonus" or behind the scenes I haven't seen that answered this.


Chosen answer: Because she is considered, in a minor sense, a "villain" in this film for forcing her daughter into a loveless arranged marriage to satisfy her personal wants, most fans probably speculate that she became a poor and penniless seamstress and lived out her life working in a factory. Of course, this is possible, without the financial security of the arranged marriage between Cal and Rose. However, it is difficult to believe that a woman of such status, and who has so many wealthy and powerful friends, would be allowed to languish in abject poverty doing menial labors. I would tend to believe that she probably sold a number of her possessions for money (she did mention that as part of the humiliation she would face if Rose were to refuse Cal's affections), and probably lived off the kindness of others. Given that her daughter was betrothed to a Hockley, his family might have felt an obligation to assist her in finding a suitable living arrangement and a situation for employment. It is also possible that she re-married into wealth. However, this is more unlikely, mainly because back in 1912, it was considered scandalous to re-marry, especially at Ruth's age. However, since Ruth does not make an appearance after surviving the sinking of the Titanic in a lifeboat number 6 (next to Molly Brown), nor is she mentioned again, her fate is left unknown and subject only to speculation.

Michael Albert

In that era, with Rose betrothed to Call, Cal would most definitely have provided for Ruth in the lifestyle she was accustomed to. As Cal angrily raged at Rose the morning after her excursion below decks, "You are my wife in custom if not yet in practice ", thus, society would have viewed him a villain had he not cared for Ruth once it was assumed Rose was dead.

Answer: I've wondered that too. I think it was easier to find out what happened to Cal because she said "it was in all the papers." As for her mother, it likely would have only been in the papers local to where she lived when she passed away. This was in an era before television and of course way before the internet. So I think the only way Rose would have been able to keep track of her mom would have been to live in the area or do some investigation. It seems unlikely she wanted to do either one, especially since it would have 'given it away" that Rose had survived in the first place. I agree with the other statements that Cal would have felt obligated to take care of her, and that the people she owed money to would have tried to collect on it as it would have been in "bad form" under the circumstances.

Answer: Her mother's big problem was a heap of debts. It would have looked badly on the debt collectors to go hovering around her after what was assumed to have happened, and in a society where one's reputation was valued highly. They probably simply gave her a degree of debt forgiveness in her bereavement, then Cal, insurance, and even her Mother herself taking a second (rich) husband could've taken care of what was left.


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