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Continuity mistake: When Lovejoy and Jack are talking, Jack tucks his cigarette in his ear in an 11 o'clock position. A shot later it's in a 9 o'clock position and a bit of hair is covering his ear.

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Character mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Bill Paxton is pulling out documents out of the safe, maybe destroying some of them. Extremely unprofessional from an archaeological perspective. Although he represents a private company on a Russian ship searching for a diamond, he for sure violates many international laws with this brutal act of recovering objects. A professional treasure hunter should know that, plus a camera is filming him. He risks never getting a licence for a treasure hunt again.


Other mistake: The ship is down by the bow about 30°. There follow scenes in which people make their way through flooded passageways. The water is chest-high, but level.

Factual error: When Jack goes up to first class on a Sunday morning, the group is singing the Navy Hymn "Eternal Father." What is impossible is that they are singing the verse written for Aviators. The verse starts "O Spirit, whom the Father sent." They are singing the whole stanza continuing with "to spread abroad the firmament; O Wind of heaven, by thy might; Save all who dare the eagle's flight, And keep them by thy watchful care." The last line "From every peril in the air" can only be heard in the background as Jack is arriving on the scene. The Wright Brothers flew about 8 years before, and this verse was not added until the late 1930s. (01:11:00)

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Continuity mistake: On the night of Rose's attempted suicide, we see her with a necklace on at the meal which disappears when she reaches the end of the ship. There was a deleted scene showing her removing it in her room, but without that it just vanishes. (00:35:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Jack spreads the handcuffs over the pipe, we have a very clear close up shot of the links connecting the cuffs. In this shot you can see that the link nearest Jack's right hand is broken and not a complete link, therefore he should be able to separate the cuffs without going through the axe sequence. (02:00:05)

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Suggested correction: Maybe he didn't notice it?

Unlikely. Jack is seen trying to pull them apart. With the one link seriously weakened he would have had success earlier.

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Continuity mistake: The way the necklace is held after it is found in Jack's pocket changes instantly. In one shot the steward is gripping the chain. In the next, the chain is draped over his fingers. (01:41:10)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Jack and Rose are running from Lovejoy, they stop for a moment on E deck. When they do, look behind them and a member of the ship's crew comes into shot holding a bag of something. When Jack and Rose start running again, this man has disappeared. (01:28:20)

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Factual error: The layout of the hallways in the film does not match the deck plans of the real Titanic.

Continuity mistake: In the film, Titanic has a yellow stripe down from the bow to the stern, however the yellow stripe disappears from the film in some scenes, and appears in others. The main one is the sinking. (01:59:55)

Continuity mistake: Just after Rose leaves Cal, we get an underwater shot panning down on Jack, showing that the window he's standing next to is fully submerged. However, interior shots after that show air around the upper edge of it. It's not trapped air: it's constantly bouncing around, in a wave-like pattern. (01:53:10)


Revealing mistake: When Tommy and Fabrizio meet Jack and Rose at the bottom of the staircase and try to look for a way out, you can see a boy in the bottom left corner staring at the camera and smiling. (02:03:40)


Factual error: The movie shows men removing the boats that have been stowed (Collapsibles A - D). The boats that they remove are not collapsibles, which were wooden bottom boats with rolled down collapsible sides (hence the name). (02:18:10)


Continuity mistake: In the "You jump, I jump" scene with Jack and Cal persuading Rose to get on a lifeboat, Rose embarks the lifeboat at the front, port(left side) side of deck top. Yet when Rose jumps back on the ship, she climbs back on in the middle, starboard(right side) of A deck where the windows change, running towards the bow to the Grand Staircase; while Jack is running towards the Stern from the Port front side of deck top. Jack enters the Grand Staircase from the port side of Deck top, and Rose enters the Grand Staircase from the port side of A Deck. (02:11:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Rose leaves Jack's company to retrieve help, and goes to return with the axe, she stops at the stairway with the rising water and wedges the axe on the bars. The camera cuts to behind Rose to show her removing her outerwear, and the axe is still being held up by the bars but it's nice and straight, before and after this camera shot, the axe is propped in the bars crooked at an angle. (02:00:05)

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Factual error: In the famous "I'm flying" Scene, the sunset is to the couple's left. But at that time (April 14) the ship was definitely steaming due West, and the sunset should therefore have been directly in front (or even a bit front-right). (01:17:00)

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Revealing mistake: In the first shot of a sailor watching the ship right in front of the iceberg, the mast has thick blue lines around it and the man's coat and cap swap from black/dark blue to faded blueish colour, all due to the green screen. (01:34:45)

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Continuity mistake: Rose steps out of the car, sees the Titanic and says "It's as big as the Mauretania" while she holds her hat. A frame later, from a different angle, her arm is down. (00:21:00)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when Cal sees Rose putting her paintings up, if you watch closely in the background, in one shot Cal walks into the room with his glass at his side, in the following shot it is at stomach level. (00:27:50)


Revealing mistake: When the cop find Rose's necklace in the coat, Jack says "he put it in my pocket" and Cal tells him to shut up. Right then, he turns his head and the glue of his wig is noticeable around his temple. (01:41:30)

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Cal Hockley: You're going to him? To be a whore to a gutter rat?!
Rose: I'd rather be his whore than your wife.

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Trivia: Bernard Fox, who portrayed Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, also played Frederick Fleet in the 1958 film, A Night to Remember, another film about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Frederick Fleet was the first person to notice the iceberg and shouted the warning to the crew.

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