The Lighthouse
Movie Quote Quiz

Thomas Wake: Why'd ya spill yer beans?

Thomas Wake: How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two Days? Help me to recollect.

Thomas Wake: Tell me, what's a timberman want with being a wicky?
Ephraim Winslow: Just looking to earn a living just like any man. Start anew.
Thomas Wake: On the run.

Ephraim Winslow: What made your last keeper leave?
Thomas Wake: He believed that there was some enchantment in the light. Went mad, he did.
Ephraim Winslow: Tall tales.
Thomas Wake: What?

Trivia: The movie was filmed in a full-frame aspect ratio and in black and white in order to help put the audience into the film. The aspect ratio was chosen in to make the film feel more confined and closed in. And it, along with the black and white filmstock, also helps the film feel aged and older.

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