The Addams Family

Factual error: Parker is looking for the phone her mom hid. She is moving a box of cereals. The cereal ingredient label has a few joke entries you may Miss at first (goat hair, bitter almond paste, false eyelashes), but the nutrition facts tab is also incoherent in a way too subtle to be a deliberate joke; sub-categories of each macronutrients exceed the total. For instance, it has 5 g of Fat in total, but 25 g of Cholesterol and 56 g of Saturated fat (at most it could be mg). (01:00:25)

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Plot hole: Throughout the movie, the behaviour of the gate does not seem quite consistent; Gomez has to feed meat to it to distract it to let the camera crew out...but they came in just fine and on their own. Same for the angry mob at the end.

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Morticia: Is everyone all right? No limbs missing that weren't missing before you arrived? (01:14:00)

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